A little Halloween Bimaa Pattern Love

Are you ready for some Totoro and Adventure Time inspired sewing?!  I hope so!

Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links.  And while I did get the pattern for free, all the opinions are completely my own.

It’s a Bimaa-tastic Halloween over here at Sew Chibi!

I am so excited to be a part one of my favoritest people around (blogland or otherwise!) blog tour, Sarah from LouBee Clothing.

The Bimaa is one of my most beloved patterns, hands down. It’s so quick to whip up and the fit is spot on. Oh, and it is unbelievably adorable! I made one a while back to go with a fancy pair of {affiliate link}Hosh pants, and I nearly died from a case of the cutes!

Although my personal preference for the Bimaa sweater is the cowl look because it looks so damn squishy and delicious, the looks I was going for for my Halloween outfits both required hoods!

I present to you all, the Finn Bimaa and the Totoro Bimaa Sweater Dress!

Adventure Time!

Azriella knew immediately who she wanted to be for Halloween:  Finn from Adventure Time.

If you are familiar with the show Adventure Time, you may ask why I didn’t choose to do Fionna. Well, Fionna's look is a bit racy for a little girl! So I opted to make a sweet little pleated skirt with inseam pockets, a fitted, button back waistband and blind hem.  

For the shirt, I made my 6 year old a Bimaa in a size width of 3T and the length of a 6T (sleeves are a 4T length) and I redrafted the hood to be slimmer, and appear more like Finn's: little ears and covers most of her face.  

The accessories include (bought) crew socks, the same ballet flats made from my last post, and a little plush Jake the Dog that I made and fashioned to a fabric covered elastic band so he sits on her shoulder throughout Halloween night!

 I *think* the plush Jake is her favorite part of the outfit and she loves the Finn outfit. 

Now for Totoro. 

 My little Totoro fanatic! 

My Neighbor Totoro is, without a question of a doubt, Sephira's favorite movie.  Now when I say her favorite movie it's true.  She is addicted to Totoro: she sings the songs, runs in and reacts to her favorite parts, and asks to watch it every other day.  

Her toddler attention span is short for all other movies, but not My Neighbor Totoro.  But with that being said, Totoro is a very popular cosplay for kids and has been done so well by Cherie!  I was conflicted.  Try as I might to fight it, it is her current favorite character so it seems only right that I give in. 

I decided to go for a slightly fashion forward yet still playful Totoro look.  I think the Bimaa Sweater dress nails the look.  I made Sephira's Bimaa (my two year old) the Bimaa in the 3T size to accommodate the thickness of the fabric with the length at about 5/6T.  And, OH, the fabric... [insert googly heart eyes]  It is the softest thing ever.

I can't stop smushing my face into furry little Sephira Totoro. 

 She's like a life size doll!

The changes I made include a drawstring added to the hood (tutorial coming soon!) as well as eyes, ears and whiskers, with a kangaroo pocket on the belly. 

  And a TAIL!  A tail that flops around when she runs!

I made some fur little boot covers too!

 Are you ready for some derp Totoro pictures?!

 The photoshoot was not one of my best.  First I couldn't get Totoro out of the stroller (and yes, I actually used a stroller.  I look ridiculous with a stroller because I don't know how to work em properly. I am a baby wearer.  Trust me, it's amusing to watch me struggle), and then I couldn't her to stop for two seconds to focus the camera! 

We met up with my aunt and uncle that are visiting from Louisiana and the girls were ecstatic to see them!

 So, the girls' Halloween sewing is all done!  And it's Bimaazing!  Seriously if you buy one pattern for the fall, this is the one to get.  You seriously won't disappointed!  Look forward to more Halloween mini tutorials and goodness coming up next week or so!  THANKS SARAH FOR HAVING ME ON YOUR TOUR!!!!  

Check out the rest of the tour, especially my partner in crime Max's Tiger Bimaas!! They are Roar-diculously cute!

Only other thing I want to talk about is SEW GEEKY!!!

Max and I are working hard to make our May 2014 Sew Geeky an Extravaganza to remember!!  And we are eager to get you all in to join the fun!!!  Email us if you would like to be a part of it in some way!  We are beside ourselves with bringing back our series!  We will keep you all posted with the goings on as soon as they happen!  But MARK YOUR CALENDERS FOR MAY THE FORCE,err 4THand check back here then!  

Until then!