If you were looking for a rainbow explosion of imaginative handmades then YAY!  That's what I like too! 

If it's fun or weird, sweet but rad, thoughtful but strange, edgy and cute then I am all about it!  This is not a place for tan and bland.  But I'm sure you'll find your smile in here somewhere!

  • Or do you just want to flat out play dress up?  That's my favorite thing to do! In whatever I make, I make sure that they are F U N!

my machines!

My sidekicks in the sewing room: my Bernina 710 and my BabyLock Eclipse DX!  These machines never cease to amaze me!  I've started out sewing (in 2009) teaching myself via books and online tutorials on a Brother CS6000 and a Brother 1034d.  They served me well and I ran those poor old things into the ground!  So a couple years ago I upgraded to big girl machines.  If you are looking into upgrading your equipment, I definitely recommend them! 

The Bernina is such a workhorse for difficult to sew projects and the air threading on the BabyLock is crazy!  Not only is the air threading sorta of mind blowing in its simplicity but I hardly ever even need to use it because this machine breaks none of the threads (which my last serger could not boast.  I still have nightmares about that sound of the threads popping all the time!)

Together with them, I can realize all of my sewing dreams and, man, is that a great feeling!

adventure time!

When I'm not glued to my sewing machines, I frequently like to go on adventures!  I am a sucker for anime and am in love with anything that promotes a happy healthy creative mind! I like to think BIG and make BIG mistakes.  My little girls live a technicolor life filled with animation, antics, and affection and I wouldn't have it any other way! 

Welcome to my happy little corner of the universe!  I hope you like it!! ^_^

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