oh hai there by sew chibi designs

If you were looking for a rainbow explosion of imaginative handmades then YAY!  That's what I like too! 

Hi there! I'm Kat, I'm the designer behind all of the things made (including the graphics!) here at Sew Chibi Designs! I mostly sew for my three chibi muses, trying to turn their wildest ideas into everyday fashion for them! My goal is always to make something fun for them to wear! The things I like to create are colorful, a little quirky, and playful! I'm driven by the squeals of delight and looks of surprise on my girls faces when I share with them something I made for them.

Frequently, I collaborate with my girls because I find that, when I do, they love the results even more! We pull inspiration from just about everything and everywhere! We really hope you will enjoy the things we come up with around here!


my machines!

My sidekicks in the sewing room: my Bernina 710 and my BabyLock Eclipse DX!  These machines never cease to amaze me!  I've started out sewing (in 2009) teaching myself via books and online tutorials on a Brother CS6000 and a Brother 1034d.  They served me well and I ran those poor old things into the ground!  So a couple years ago I upgraded to big girl machines.  If you are looking into upgrading your equipment, I definitely recommend them! 

The Bernina is such a workhorse for difficult to sew projects and the air threading on the BabyLock is crazy!  Not only is the air threading sorta of mind blowing in its simplicity but I hardly ever even need to use it because this machine breaks none of the threads (which my last serger could not boast.  I still have nightmares about that sound of the threads popping all the time!)

Together with them, I can realize all of my sewing dreams and, man, is that a great feeling!

adventure time!

When I'm not glued to my sewing machines, I frequently like to go on adventures!  I am a sucker for anime, Taiwanese and Korean dramas and music, all things Japanese as well as anything that promotes a happy healthy creative mind! I like to think BIG and make BIG mistakes.  My little girls live a technicolor life filled with animation, antics, and affection and I wouldn't have it any other way! 

Welcome to my happy little corner of the universe!  I hope you like it!! ^_^



KIRA! KIRA! KIRA! vol. 1 "creature feature!" It's an online, handmade kids fashion magazine by me! It features all of my latest holiday looks plus free tutorials, and so much more! click on the picture to check it out!