Spotlight: The Quick and Easy Gracie + a fun freebie!

Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links.  And while I did get the pattern for free, all the opinions are completely my own.

Hello hello!  I am so stoked to have made something so quick and so easy after the marathon of sewing I did in the last few weeks for Easter and birthdays and all sorts of other things! {affiliate linkThe Gracie by Blaverry was a cool breeze after all of that!  [Easter dresses and birthdays and more Bowie, oh my, are all coming soon!]  I have to be honest- I am just so glad that I have a chunk of time before starting the next big project!  So here goes, the easy peasy Gracie pattern! 

The Gracie is (as all Blaverry patterns are) available in sizes 2T-16 years!  It's a comfy, mid sleeve raglan dress with a little ruffle (is it a peplum is it a ruffle?  I don't know, but it's cute!).  And you know kiddos love pockets... mine frequently complain if I make something without pockets, and guess what?!  The Gracie PDF has a cool little kangaroo pocket.  I honestly wanted to have a little animal coming out of it in some way but I didn't.  Man, I wish I had a better excuse but to make up for it, I decided to do a bunch of whimsical graphics with animals instead!

In the end, it took probably the same amount of time drawing these than it would have if I had actually sewn something into the dress!  I don't even care because the drawings (although time consuming) were such a fun time!

The fabrics I used were from Jo-ann's and they're the French Terry collection and so super soft!  I had gotten them on an impulse buy a few shopping trips ago... And, to be honest {and proud!}, I have not actually gone out and bought something specifically for my Blaverry promotional creations at all!  I have sewn each and every item directly from my stash!  I can't begin to tell you how proud I am at maintaining this little self challenge on top of how proud I am of each and every item that I have made for Christie!  I have managed to integrate some of my most beloved handmades into my girlies closets!  I know we are ingrained to be humble beings (especially as creatives!) but I am flat out chuffed.  I mean, it truly couldn't be done without such progressive and fun patterns so I didn't do it all on my own.  I always feel if you're going to make something fall in love with it or make it for someone who will fall in love with it.  It's sort of a philosophy of mine. 

 And hey!  Did you notice the little side tag she's sporting?  

 Those along with the ones here I made as part of a collaboration with My Fabric Designs.  I know you all have heard of Spoonflower, but (affiliate link) My Fabric Designs is doing some cool stuff with designing your own fabrics.  They even have a way for you to design your own fabric directly on the website and then print it afterwards!  Also, if you want to sell your design, you can sign up for their creative designer program and get paid!  I made a really cute fabric to be revealed later AND a bunch of different tags too! I plan on making a million different styles of tags and then share them with you!  The tags I've made so far are made from their heavy cotton twill.  

Color in your own Sephira! 

Now how's about something rad.  Who doesn't love the adult coloring book trend that's sweeping the world these days?!  WELL!  I starting doodling a pattern on one of my Gracie pics, and I decided that (after I spent some time zenning out~ I know that's not a word) it would be maybe something fun for you guys to color in your own Sephira!  Hahhahahhhahhhahahhh!!!!  Yeah!  Well, if you have Photoshop Elements or flat our Photoshop, just go to the "fill" crank the tolerance to about 70% (some spots need a little more or less, or even a technique of painting the area all a similar color and then filling in the colors of your choice).  I just had a lot of fun doing it and I thought, "Hey! This might be fun for my readers to participate as well!"  

If you do, please use the hashtag: #colormesewchibi and I will lose my mind with excitement!  For real!  It would please me beyond belief ^_^!

And I mean, seriously, who doesn't need a fun shirtdress in their pattern repertoire? So just click on over, get your Gracie and getcho sewing grove on!

Until next time,

hugs + stitches + many many smooches,


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