Sew Geeky is a series that my blog bestie, Max-California, and I started in 2012 which featured various fandom themes! Listed below are things that I sewed for the series as well as some other geeky stuff over the years! Do you love to sew geeky things too? We are constantly looking for fellow fangirls who have a fondness for cosplaying! Follow us on SMS, comment on a post, or send us an email (sewgeekyseries {at} gmail {dot} com) !


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Free Extra Patterns and Templates inside!

Love the Baka the Hooded Blanket Pattern but want to do even more with it?! Maybe you need a quickie Halloween costume or Christmas gift that you know they’ll use and love (or even a gift for yourself! Check the size chart 😉)! I will walk you through 31+ different ways to remix the Baka by combining the original pattern pieces and templates with all sorts of newly drafted elements: a new split front middle stripe; 13 extra, multi-sized pattern pieces; and 15 new face templates in three sizes. There’s even a coupon code in the Secret Freebies Clubhouse for 30% OFF the Baka the Hooded Blanket PDF PATTERN that’s good forever! Sign up to my Newsletter to get the E-book plus much more! Read all about the e-book here!

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