Creating a Little Fashion Dream: 🌈Rainbows, Unicorns🦄 + BOWIE⚡!

There's really nothing like celebrating your children. When my little one requested rainbows, unicorns, and David Bowie for her birthday outfit, I couldn't have been prouder! I decided to add in the theme of pastel goth to tie it all together because I've been dying to do a kids' version of the style! So let's dive right in! 

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Sound asleep, my little cherub in her winged Bimaa sweater.

It doesn't seem that long ago that I made a rainbow inspired 5th birthday outfit, and, as irony would have it, I have done it yet again! That was the challenge: how to make an equally beautiful rainbow-inspired outfit without being repetitive. These girls are so unique; they truly have their own styles and personalities! Sephira is a free spirit that is candid with pretty much everything! I tried hard to tie in all the things she wanted (she frequently wants to be at least seven different things all at once) and keep it cohesive.

A picture of her Blackstar that she drew at school!

This girl loves her some David Bowie; she says he's "her biggest fan" all the time😹! This is a Blackstar picture she drew in school!

Whether it's begging me to make her all the David Bowie outfits she sees or belting out Blackstar or Life on Mars in her music class, she's always asking to listen to his music. (could she be more perfect!?!

But first things first, the girl requested rainbows and unicorns. Oh, life's little circles: on Azriella's 5th birthday she requested to be Rainbow Dash! The irony really is quite sweet. For the record, I absolutely LOVE rainbows, however, rainbows have been done in a million ways over the years (and really well I might add), so it was a goal of mine to do something I hadn't seen in rainbow form yet. 

I've been mildly obsessed with the pastel goth fashion trend for quite some time now, thinking how cool would it be to realize it in a kid version?! Some of the idealism can be really depressing which I don't like one bit, but I thought that I'll take the kiddo version into a new direction: one of confidence and self-loveThere's something about the juxtaposition between the sweetness of pastels combined with the contrast of jet black with tons of creepy cute elements sprinkled in.  I mean, how could you not fall in love!

For the skirt, I started out with a creepy font, wrote some jibberish, and then I expanded the path in Illustrator. Then I just deleted anchor points and added in and joined and blended.... the works. I went with a slightly muted pallet because I didn't want it to be too vibrant since we had so much going on in the look. The base fabric was the Cotton Sateen from My Fabric Designs. I used the skirt part of the Caroline Dress Pattern complete with pockets, a tutu underskirt, and then for the hem, I did a facing and freestyled a drippy hemline.

In keeping with the unicorn and rainbows theme, I thought a cloud sweater would be perfect. I definitely wanted it to say something sorta badass but that also could fit only her.  While I was cleaning up one morning at work a while back, "Blackstar" came on (from Bowie's last album right before he died) and it hit me: I'M A BLACKSTAR. So succinctly Sephira, and she loooooooooooooves it.  OMG, she adores that sweater you guys. I used the French Terry base fabric (which prints out so nice and feels pretty great).  I heavily altered the Rowan Tee PDF by Titchy Threads, widening and lowering the neckline quite a bit and extended the sides. 

For the accessories, I made a headband that I wrapped in bias tape and then filled with flowers and an iridescent horn. And in addition to that, I made a little cloud purse and printed a snarky face on it.

Oh the beach was just the perfect setting for this photoshoot! If you've ever been to the PNW coast you know that it gets super chilly, even in the middle of July! I don't know how happy she would have been without her cozy Blackstar sweater to keep her warm! Isn't that sunset just delicious!?!

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