My TOP 13 FAVORITE Cosplay Posts of All Time!

It's one of my FAVORITE times of the year! HALLOWEEN!! While I am in the middle of making all the things for the kiddos, I thought it'd be quite festive to do a list of my favorite cosplay/dress-up posts of all time! So! Let's get STARTED and check out my spooky, top 13 dress-up posts ever!!

🎃✨Honorable Mention👻✨


Ok, you got me: I couldn't part with this one, and I loved the creepy aspect of "TOP 13 POSTS" so I gave this one an honorable mention 😉. If you have elementary-aged kiddos, you may be familiar with this super cute show that teaches them about creatures under the sea! I made it a theme for my Easter 2015 outfits and they looked so precious! Pictured here? Tweak!

Pattern Featured: the Party Dress Free PDF by the Cottage Mama

🎃✨NUMBER 13.) 👻✨

Epic fantasy!

We're talking faeries and fauns here, guys! One of my most ethereal outfits as well as one of my all time favorite baby pants and hood EVER!  If you need inspiration for turning your chibis into woodland creatures for Halloween, there's a lot of eye candy to be found here!

Patterns featured: •Etheral Dress PDF Pattern by Figgy's Patterns •Free Footed Baby Pants Pattern by Sew Much Ado •Free Hood pattern by A Lemon Squeezy Home


🎃✨NUMBER 12.)👻✨

Marvel vs D.C.!

Coming in at spot 12: Marvel vs D.C.! This post was featured as part of the Sew Geeky Series I run with Max California. Villans vs Heroes (ahem, I chose an antihero instead), I made a Golden Age Catwoman swimsuit and suede and pleather Loki counterpart with horn headband! Lots of sneaky techniques on how to achieve his detailed look!

Patterns used: •Azur Swimsuit PDF Pattern by Petit a Petit + Family •Top pattern from A Sunny Spot •Various Self Drafted Patterns

🎃✨NUMBER 11.)👻✨

moogle! hello kitty! holo!

Time to get a little sentimental on this list for a moment: the moogle outfit I made in honor of a fellow Final Fantasy fanatic friend that died a couple years back and remains to date one of my memorable Halloween outfits ever! And if you love anime like me (seriously, that would be 🍌🍌🍌 awesome!) then you might appreciate my attempt at making a Holo from Spice + Wolf outfit requested by my eldest! Maybe you don't know what I am talking about at all, I know you know Hello Kitty! But have you ever seen a Hello Kitty Bumble Bee and Wings cosplay before?!

Patterns used: •Kitty Cat Romper PDF Pattern by HDK •Top pattern from A Sunny Spot •Hosh Pants PDF Pattern by Lou Bee Clothing •Various Self Drafted Patterns

🎃✨NUMBER 10.)👻✨

Nyan Cat/ Tac nayn!

First Sew Geeky Series Post ever! For the 8-Bit Babies post, I hand-painted, stamped, designed elements reminiscent of the famous app game: NYAN CAT! With functioning kitty plackets, ears, purse bracelets, there is no shortage of cuteness here! If you're a fan of the game, you have got to check it out!

Patterns used: •Scirocco Dress PDF Pattern by Figgy's •Various Self Drafted Patterns

🎃✨NUMBER 9.)👻✨

pokemon: girafarig!

I have a couple of major Pokemon fans in our house: my husband and my eldest kiddo! She collects a massive amount of Pokemon paraphernalia and this particular year she requested a Girafarig themed birthday outfit! Man was that a toughy to make! This three piece outfit is one to remember if you are looking to make Pokemon-wear for a girl that could be worn pretty much anywhere! 

Patterns used: •Hosh Pants PDF Pattern by Lou Bee Clothing •Various Self Drafted Patterns

🎃✨NUMBER 8.)👻✨

imperial guard!

When it comes to Star Wars cosplay, it seems everything has been done a million times (which makes sense because it's friggin' awesome). We decided to do a huge Star Wars themed Sew Geeky Series post a few years back and I thought long and hard about what I wanted to do. And I wanted to do something on the foreboding side. 😈I made a full cape, hood, and vinyl dress that is good enough to wear to any Con! P.S.) The dress not pictured is one of the most worn dresses I have ever made! 💖

Patterns used: •the Saffron Dress PDF Pattern by Paisley Roots •Various Self Drafted Patterns

🎃✨NUMBER 7.)👻✨

kaneda! cardcaptor sakura! luffy!

This list is about to go full blown otaku! Don't know what that is? Well if you stick around this blog you will! Otaku is basically a term for anime fanatics (man, is that putting it lightly!). My addiction is real, guys. This post was once again a part of the Sew Geeky Series I co-host with Max California from time to time, honoring classic anime! It doesn't get much more classic than Akira, am I right folks?! One of my all time favorite posts. For. REALZ! 

Patterns used: •Doli Tank + Hosh Pants PDF Patterns by Lou Bee Clothing •Twirlybird Boots PDF Pattern •Free Raglan Hoodie by Brindille and Twig •Various patterns from A Sunny Spot and Sweet Girls Japanese Pattern Books •Various Self Drafted Patterns

🎃✨NUMBER 6.)👻✨

tank girl!

She's just the girl you want! YAY! I made it to my own list! 😆Teenage Kat loved TANK GiRL! This grown up Kat loves it too, though, I suppose. Made this for, you guessed it, Sew Geeky Series and transformed the R rated version and made it mommy friendly. One of my most empowering photoshoots on top of being one of my most carefree shoots as well! If you too are feelin' a little inadequate, you have got to check this one out!

Patterns used: •Union Tee PDF Pattern by Hey June •Lady Skater Dress PDF Pattern by Kitschy Coo •Various Self Drafted Patterns (including that colorful corset!)

🎃✨NUMBER 5.)👻✨

totoro! finn + jake!

When it comes to fluffy imaginary creatures, it honestly doesn't get better than Totoro... well for us anyways! When one of my toddler's first words was "Totoro!", you make that girl Totoro! And when her sister falls in love with Adventure Time, you make that girl a crossplay she'll treasure forever!! Don't feel it needs much explanation, just go and check out the kawaii madness!!

Patterns used: •Bimaa Sweater PDF Pattern by Lou Bee Clothing •Various Self Drafted Patterns

🎃✨NUMBER 4.)👻✨

calcifer! nausicaÄ! forest spirit! nightwalker!

MOAR ANIME!!!!! Never enough, am I right?! This Studio Ghibli Themed Sew Geeky Series Episode features chibi cosplay from some of our most beloved movies: Princess Mononoke, Howl's Moving Castle, and Azy's all-time favorite: NAUSICAÄ of the Valley of the Wind! 

Patterns used: •Raglan Sweaterdress PDF Pattern by Brindille + Twig •Elm Poncho PDF Pattern by Petit a Petit + Family •Sunki Dress PDF Pattern by Figgy's •Skater Dress PDF Pattern by Kitschy Coo •Various Self Drafted Patterns

🎃✨NUMBER 3.)👻✨

rainbow dash dress!

Betcha didn't think I'd put this at number 3!?! I know!  It was so hard deciding on these last few posts for this list! Well! If you are looking to make a My Little Pony Dress unlike the rest and want to make less of a costume and more of a fashion fandom statement, then you should click over when you're finishing checking out this list! Plus! There's a freebie for the wings pattern in my Secret Freebies Clubhouse, so sign up here to learn the secret password!!!

Patterns used: •Completely Self Drafted

🎃✨NUMBER 2.)👻✨

My chibi gothic lolita witch!

The record for most items made for a single person for a single look goes to my chibi gothic lolita witch outfit that I made four Halloweens ago! Every single stinkin' bit was painstakingly self-drafted and was very much a proud moment in my sewing journey! Words escape me; I hope you like it!!!!

Patterns used: •Completely Self Drafted



🎃✨NUMBER 1.)👻✨

saorise! from song of the sea!

Two and a half straight months of sewing yards upon yards of itty bitty narrow rolled hems on chiffon, intricate and extensive hand-sewn beading, cartridge pleating, drafting... and that's just the dress! Made as a birthday request, it features even more! If you don't know the movie, it is a feast for the eyes, an adventure for the mind, and a tug on the heart-strings; Song of the Sea is absolutely gorgeous and I hope you enjoy the post as much as I do! 

Patterns used: •Etheral Dress PDF Pattern by Figgy's •Juilette Cape PDF Pattern by See Kate Sew

Well, that does it! I hope you enjoyed this little geeky list of mine as much as I do! If you did, please share it!

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