Pattern Spotlight! A Coat Pattern You'll LOVE: BERLIN COAT

🍂🍁Happy Autumn everybody!🍁 🍂 Today I'm reviewing the brand new Berlin Coat PDF Pattern by Straightgrain! While I did get this pattern for free for as part of this wooly cool tour (😉), as always, my opinions are my own.  And my opinion about this coat pattern is that it is awesomesauce! If you are looking for that one perfect winter coat pattern, then you'll want to keep on reading!

I always love a good coat pattern. Hoodies, ponchos, jackets... there's just something about making protective gear for your kiddos. Maybe it's that extra comfort in knowing that the're wearing your cozy armor, made just for them. Maybe it's because so many coats, jackets, etc. look alike, but making them seems so daunting. Well, the Berlin coat is an exception. An writes her instructions clearly and has a few tricks literally up her sleeve!

the Berlin Coat

the technical stuff:

  • size range: 1Y-12Y
  • double breasted pea-coat with back pleat
  • standing collar or lined hood options
  • princess seams or flat front options
  • shoulder, sleeve, and back tab options
  • patch pockets or faux pocket flaps options
  • hanger tab option
  • instructions in English or Dutch (with paper pattern available in both languages as well)
  • instructions on how to fully line (sleeves and all!) with batting interlining. 

how i made my berlin coat

For my Berlin coat, I used an aqua stretch velveteen from Jo-ann's that I'd been hoarding for probably two years along with handmade piping and handmade buttons in my branding colors (thank you very much, hahaha!).

I did blended sizing in 6Y width to 9Y length and while it did come out admittedly a little big, neither of us is bummed about it!  She requested another to fit the same way when this one doesn't fit her anymore! And the way I see it, it won't be tight over anything, so bring on the sweaters!!!

I opted to go for the standing collar because I always make hooded things and thought a cool, standing collar would look really sharp.  I added in the piping myself (that wasn't part of the instructions, folks) and went for all the optional details I could! (check out the list above)

These pictures show all the various angles of the coat.  I know that when I'm making something, I usually google to see all the aspects of the finished item. So, with that in mind, there's the fully closed standing collar in the first picture in this stack, middle one is opened (flaps down), and the picture just above is completely unbuttoned.

Top of this stack of pictures shows her Berlin coat from the back with view of the pleat and button tab. Second, opened fully, to show the nice finish of the crossover flaps. Next, fully buttoned and super kawaii! And the bottom picture is the Berlin coat slung over her shoulder. See the quilted lining? An gives instructions on various ways to do it yourself, just like I did! Takes a while but adds such a lux to the coat!

Do you like shooting pictures in the autumn as much as me? Honestly, I think it might be my favorite time of year for taking them because my yard has way more greenery than flowers so my yard is looking like a burnt, glistening rainbow these days! The only downside was that we kept stepping out from under the awning to take pictures, only to take five steps then realize it was raining, and then raining still. It was so funny, almost like half our yard was dry and the other was not!

I truly had no head-scratching moments with the instructions, and even though I had to blend those sizes, everything went together perfectly! That's no small feat and is a testament to the quality of the pattern.

An is one of my blog heroes it was such an honor to be a part of her Berlin Coat Tour! I hope that I was able to add all of the insight you might need to put it together! If you want any further guidance or just want to check out some other versions (ahem, the hooded versions for sure!) click here to see the rest of the tour!

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