Weirdo Shorts for the Prefontaine World Tour

Woot Woot!  It's time for shorts!!!  I hardly ever make shorts that are bloomers are cut-offs!  

Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links.  And while I did get the pattern for free, all the opinions are completely my own.

Enter {affiliate linksMade by Moxie's Prefontaine Shorts Pattern!

I had a hard time deciding on a specific theme for them so I decided to just go crazy!!!

And we ALL know I am a little weird!  

What makes these shorts so weird?

It has iron on transfers of some of Azriella's favorite things plus some characters from things that I like too!

Azriella things:

  • chibi Batman

  • zombie kitty

  • 1up mushroom

  • power up mushroom

  • unicorn Pusheen

  • Hello Kitty pocket

  • rainbow glitter stripes

  • Eevee pokemon

  • Snorlax Pokemon

  • chibi Toothless the dragon from How to Train a Dragon

  • chibi Finn and Jake from Adventure Time

 and then things I like:

  • Derp bunny (which lives on the far side of the unicorn Pusheen on the shorts)

  • Batty from Rosario + Vampire

  • Pusheen kitty on a burger

  • B.O.H. bunny (Bras On Head)

  • Super Mario Land

  • Star Wars pocket

  • chibi cast of Spirited Away

  • the symbol from Soul Eater

  • Calcifer from Howl's Moving Castle

The Shorts are great for Summer!  I made these for Azy at the 5T length and the 2T waist.

Also, because the transfers and rainbow stripes had to be applied first, I had to rethink the pockets.  So the solutions for those out there making a pair like my Weirdo Shorts is this:  Draft a Pocket Front for your Pocket!  Looks something like this:

Just cut the pieces to have the full shape of the pocket but with the opening of the shorts pieces themselves.

Then serge the pieces together (right sides together) then attach them the rest of the way according to Jill's instructions! Bam!  No stitch line!

And if you are wondering why the rainbow stripes don't match up, it's because I'm just that weird! Ha!  I attached the glitter ribbon with Stitch Witchery and then sewed them with clear monofiliment thread. So this way, it looks like they're being held together with magic.  Would you believe I didn't even interface the backs?  Nope!  And no puckering at all!  Yeay!

I needed to have more space for awesome transfers so I eliminated the back pocket, reassuring myself by saying "she'd only forget it were there anyways." And this way she has feelings and jokes about the Pokemon on her butt.  Sure do love that kid. 

She was making the best and silliest moves during the shoot!  It was hilarious.  Not always practical from a photographers perspective but she had a lot of fun!

Welp!  That about wraps it up!  These bad boys are a great look for summer and I'm sure you little chibis will love them as much as mine!!!

Thanks Jill for having me on the tour!!!

See you soon!!

Until next time!

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