The Tumble Tee Tour!

Hi all!  Today's my stop on the Tumble Tee Blog Tour featuring the newly released pattern by a very dear friend of mine, Rachael, of Imaginegnats.

Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links.  And while I did get the pattern for free, all the opinions are completely my own.

Without further ado:

The pattern features a very simple, yet highly customizable construction that is perfect for beginners!

Also, it's perfect for back to school!

It's got such a great range for making: the sizing ranges from 6months to 10 years old!  And it only has four seams (unless you are color-blocking)!  I personally really like the unfinished seams because the curl of the knit looks cute to me. But there is an option for finishing the edges as well.

So here's the story with my tumble tee:  this was my fourth version for this tour.  I had totally different colors in mind for the first few versions.  In fact, I was all done the front on the original version I was planning on doing ...

So I did some tiny orange dots with intermittent pink dots.  I turned my back for a minute and Sephira did this.

So, I went a different direction.  I tried doing arrows; i didn't like it. 

Then, I did this to the front and then did a similar look on the back (which was black) attempting to do clear stripes.

I tried glossy Modge Podge.  It looked great...but it was hard as a rock.  So I decided to send it through the washer to soften it.  

Turns out, Modge Podge ain't the most washable substance.  It turned cloudy white so I decided it just needed to dry a little so I threw it in the dryer and it became a big stuck together glue mess.



Fed up with trying to do a customizable painting, I just went simple.  I stuck to my original plan of construction and added a pieced circle pocket to the front.

My plan of construction?

  • a slashed two-toned look
  • gathered with shirring only in the back for a fitted look
  • high-low unfinished hem

Oh, sizing!  I did it in a size 5T (which I normally gauge down but must not have for some strange reason).  In fairness, Azy is totally a 5T in length.  She's almost size but her measurements other than height are extremely small.  So when I went to try it on her, it hung oddly.

Not a big deal; it was an easy fix.  I added a 17" piece of 1/4" wide elastic to the neckline and the kept the whole thing in place and created perfectly clean lines.

The circle pocket was a last minute thing (to be honest, this whole look was last minute on account of my exasperation, not procrastination), piecing together some favorite fabrics, one vintage fabric and a very special fabric that was a remnant from a very special dress.

I honestly couldn't be more pleased with the turnout!!!! And Azy wanted to sleep in it and wear it the whole next day too, which she would have gotten away with had she not have gotten syrup on it at breakfast. HA!

I only had one pair of shorts in mind for the photoshoot too:  Azy's hand drawn Star Wars cut-offs.

This is exactly my style for my kiddos.  A little weird, colorful and comfortable and always fun for them!

So, there you have it!  If you don't over think it like I did, you can have a totally bitchin' new shirt for your kiddo in twenty minutes or less with Rachael's Tumble Tee Pattern!  If you are not looking forward to buying the same old Old Navy, Target, and/or Children's Place shirts for your kiddos for back to school, then why not invest in this {affiliate linkone pattern and repurpose or destash or whatever you want!  I'm sure you'll come up with some personal, original pieces your kids will love!

doing her, quote "Chinese meditating"

For more inspiration, go check out the rest of the tour!!

Thank you so much Rachael for having me on your tour!!!  HUGS!!!!

Until next time!

higs + stitches,


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