Who Sewed it Better? Lady Rainicorn from Adventure Time Backpack

I know why you're here today.

Today is Throw Down Day between me and a couple of kick ass ladies: Jessica and Alida.  You might have heard of them if you have ever gone on to this thing called "the internet."  These ladies and I are about to get all Mortal Kombat, Sewing Style up in this piece!

Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links.  And while I did get the pattern for free, all the opinions are completely my own.

Let's just cut to the chase:


Lady Rainicorn backpack!!!

Any Adventure Time fans out there?  Our whole family is hooked on the show.   It's so rare to find a show that the kids like that Jon and I adore too.  SCORE!!! 

So as soon as I showed Azriella our challenge pattern, {affiliate linkThe Owl Backpack from the Sewing Loft, I asked her what it should look like.  Without a second's hesitation she screamed "LADY RAINICORN!!!"  What can I say folks?  I may or may not have been conditioning her from birth to be a dreamer of rainbows and crazy brightly colored things.... it's still up for debate ;-)

Suffice it to say, this girly knows what her mamma wants to sew!!!!

Admittedly, I realized it would be quite the challenge to transform this pattern:

into a Lady Rainicorn backpack.

How to Turn an Owl Backpack into a Flying Rainbow Unicorn Backpack:

  • Change the face. I modified the curve of the face into Lady Rainicorn's face curvature and took the owl beak, made it longer and adding batting then moved it to the top of her head.

  • Draft a yellow furry hair, um, piece (smirk) times two to the front and back of the head.

  • eliminate the owl eye mask (and doli) and applique some big ol' eyes and draw with a sharpie or fabric marker a little mouth.

  • Attain a rainbow assortment of Twill or Canvas (any bottomweight/ mediumweight cotton cotton/blend would probably work). Draft outer body with seam allowances and piece the rainbow together. piece backpack straps with red, pink, then green.

But that's not all I did!  

I also added waterproof lining in between the layers (in addition to the interlining)Also, I added a pocket to the inside lining for her little whatnots!

And I quilted the straps for extra stability.  After all, this backpack is going to be accompanying my little chibi princess through kindergarten in a week!

Alright!  That covers it.


Did you notice her little dress?  I just had to make her an "accessory" for her new backpack. HA!  I went to my desert island pattern book and made a dress I hadn't tried yet!  I call it desert island because if I were left on a desert island with only one sewing pattern book, my kids, a sewing machine, and all the fabric and notions i could need, I'd be perfectly content.

So I color blocked it with various blues, with quilted appliqued clouds and a silver linen binding. To finish the look I paired it up with Azy's silver Hosh pants I made during KCW.

Pirate Azy!

And that's it.

I gotta say, I have heard the rumors of what Alida is up to, and have seen a pretty fantastic teaser pic from Jessica on Instagram so I am sufficiently curled up in my emo corner hugging my knees, pouting.  BUT, I think I just might have given them a run for their money!   

Fingers. Crossed.

Well guys?  What's the verdict?


I just want to give a virtual bear hug to Alida and Jessica for asking me to be a part of this.  Not only was it an honor, but it was incredibly fun!!!  Thank you so very much ladies!!!

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