hump day for the birthday elf

I love her "car seat head"

Well, you don't think that birthdays just plan themselves do you?!  This past week and a half we've been mostly staying inside, planning for Azy's big birthday!  What's so funny that I didn't realize is that because she was actually born on Labor Day 2007, every fifth year she'll have a special birthday since her birthday'll fall on Labor Day!!  Kinda awesome, right?!  The downside:

her birthday is on Labor Day.

Most people have longstanding plans on and around Labor Day, so parties are always hard to plan.  But whatever!  I'll throw the biggest party with just her, daddy, Sephira, and myself if I have too (don't worry, there'll be others there this year!  Most importantly my awesome older sister is coming to visit!!!!  I'm keeping it a surprise from Az.)

like how daddy fixed my hair?!

hairdos (I did Azy's)

on a mission

I swear I could eat that face for lunch everyday!!!

big sis trying to hold hands


playing at my work before my shift!

So, besides, walking around my work neighborhood, taking pictures of Sephira's new sometimes hairstyle, the girls and I did something exciting!  We finally got to meet our first blog friends: Kristin from Skirt as Top and her adorable little girl and little boy!  The girls had a great time together running around and Sephira enjoyed eating (ahem, sharing) O's snacks.  You'd never know that I had just fed her the biggest breakfast just moments before we left to go meet them!  She's such a snack fiend!  I can't tell you how wonderful it is to just talk to someone and they know all the things you are talking about (you know, the important stuff like sewing and blogging, duh!)  It was so much fun!  Em drew Azriella a unicorn picture that Az insisted on carrying around everywhere!  She would not let me put it in the car!  I also made Em (as a party favor of sorts) a Twilight pony skirt.  I remember Kristen telling me Twilight pony was Em's favorite.  Em was more unbelievably cute than you all can imagine!  And she wore her "Applejack pony" dress which Azriella appreciated, I'm sure. 

I'm just glad Sephira was napping on my chest for the duck feeding portion of the playdate!!  It was sooo much fun!!  I can't wait to do it again soon!!!!!!!

rose petals for duckies

new friends

so precious right!?!

"let's go crash that wedding, guys!"

little Twilight pony dress up skirt for Em.

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