Selfish Sewing! Lola Dress Meets Lane Raglan Meets Cosplay

Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links.  And while I did get the pattern for free, all the opinions are completely my own.

Morning everyone! Today I am really happy to be a part of Rachael’s {affiliate linkSelfish Sewing Week! These days, I have tried to keep the focus on my family what with tiny Akira and all, so that means less blogging. That’s me being selfish. That being said I wouldn’t dare pass up joining in for Selfish Sewing!  I just had to join in!  Rachael is my GIRL!

I knew what I made had to incorporate Halloween, more specifically, my Halloween outfit! I am planning to be Mizore from Rosario Vampire because she is super cool. She’s an ice witch (yes long before Elsa) and she has to eat antifreeze lollipops to stay cold lol.

So, I was so graciously offered the {affiliate linkLane Raglan Pattern by Adrianna of Hey June Patterns and it was perfect for the sweatshirt that Mizore wears!

And then I got the email of the list of patterns to sign up for and I saw the {affiliate linkLola pattern by Victory Patterns was on it.


I have been wanting this pattern since I was pregnant with Akira.  But come on, I couldn’t get it with that massive belly.

To be perfectly honest, I’m still dealing with body issues after her but ISSUES BE DAMNED!

I couldn’t pass up on a chance to work with the Lola.

So, I figured I had to combine the two to create my look.

It seems simple enough at face value perhaps, but I really wanted to make it balanced between the two patterns.

I redrafted the look of the Lola sans princess seams.

It was tempting to keep them because that is my favorite part of the pattern, but they were impractical to Mizore’s look.

Then I had to incorporate the Lane into the Lola while still looking like Mizore’s sweater.

I took the length and width and waistband of the Lane with the sleeve length the same as well, and I kept the neckline of the Lola, just widening it a bit to fit off the shoulders.

I took pictures then decided I wanted it to be more fitted to I took in the sides a bit.

I also added a kangaroo pouch and made the sleeves belled out.

I had some fun taking pics with Akira in her Calcifer outfit from the other day!

I am really looking forward to making the rest of the outfit!

Stay tuned for the reveal of the full outfit for Sew Geeky’s Halloween GEEK SPECTACULAIRE!

And thank you to Rachael, Adrianna, and Kristiann for everything!!

hugs + stitches,


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