Happy Holiday Pattern Tour for Project Run & Play!

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Today I’m on the Project Run & Play Pattern Shop Holiday Tour and I’m eager to share my festive Umaru Shirts using my pattern which is also up in the Project Run & Play Shop as well!

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Azy’s Red-Nosed Bear Deer Shirt

You read that right! We went animal hybrid for her holiday Umaru Shirt: A red-nosed bear with antlers!

We chose a lumberjack checkered plaid knit from Girl Charlee and a smokey faux fur minky and lengthened the size 9/10Y to the 11/12 for her shirt. The edits I made for her shirt include little stretch vinyl puffed antlers (from the Baka Blanket Pattern) and I doubled the length of the “double” neckline pattern piece to create a cowl look. Oh! and right where those ears meet, there’s a hidden pocket!

Sephira’s Kitty in a Christmas Tree Shirt

My girl is enthralled with all things kitties, all. the. time! So for her shirt we wanted to go a little silly.

We made her shirt in a size 8Y and chose to use a gray, embroidered, french terry fabric from Joann’s for the Christmas tree part (hey, why do Christmas trees have to be green?!) and a neoprene/scuba knit in shocking neon pink for the sleeves from Fabric Depot (sadly, part of the very last purchase that I made from Fabric Depot before it shut its doors for good!) I sewed in a little pink peekaboo kitty hiding in the Christmas tree, I mean, hidden pocket of the shirt! There was supposed to be a little yellow kitty sleeping on her shoulder but the yellow fur clashed with the sleek look of the sweater so I added a tag and hand-sewed it shut so she could put it on her backpack! The only edits I made were the same neckline extension as Azy’s shirt as well as extending the sleeves to elbow length for a little change of pace!

Did you happen to notice that Sephira lost her two front teeth, just like the Christmas song, right?! 😂 It’s so cute! Azriella’s been losing a bunch too- I’m about to set a place at the dinner table for the Tooth Fairy soon since she’s been here so often!

These two were such adorable goofballs during photos! They had tons of energy!!

Ever the loose canon, Akira was totally in the mood for pictures today. The big kicker was that I’d decided to not make her one because I wasn’t sure she’d be game for taking photos! One day we’ll be all synced up! She was super cute going around trying to take group photos with her big sisters!

So make sure to click the button below to check out all of the festive handmades over on Project Run & Play’s blog and I hope you all have a very happy holiday season! I have a new pattern in the works for summer so stay tuned for that!!!

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