Welcome to the new Sew Chibi Designs!


I'd like to give a shout out to all of the pattern designers I featured for my clothes stickers!  It took me F O R E V E R to draw them out in my own hand and then add all the faces, then another century deciding on the perfect brand colors!  As an Illustrator newb, I'm pretty proud of my little kawaii stickers!  Featured patterns here:  the Skater Dress by Kitschy Coo, the Barrie Boy Cut Briefs by Kitschy Coo, Wild + Free Leggings, Vivie Dress by Blaverry, the Bimaa Sweater by Lou Bee Clothing, the minimalist dress by brindille + twig, French Dart Dress by Maven Patterns, the Trinity Tee by Rock the Stitch, Caroline Dress by Mouse House Creations, Minimalist Dress by brindille + twig, Kitty Cat Romper by Hey Dear Kids, Hosh Pants by Lou Bee Clothing, Doli Tank by Lou Bee Clothing, Azur Swimsuit by Titchy Threads, Union St. Tee by Hey June, Shandiin Shirt by Lou Bee Clothing, Etheral Dress by Figgy's.  Much love and respect to these patterns!  Also, a mini shout out to my favorite anime of the moment, Tokyo Ghoul.  Those creepy cute face masks are inspired by you!!

I am not affiliated with any of them in regards to this post.  I just thought they'd be great muses for a sticker pattern.  The resemblance is solely based on me trying to free hand some awesome patterns; no tracing or copy and pasting was involved.

Today is a very special day; a turning point for Sew Chibi Designs! This is, hands down, the most excited I have ever been since I started blogging.
I've actually completely (re)branded my Sew Chibi Designs blog!
When I started, I never would have envisioned the being where I am today.  Sewing started as a fledging hobby, and grew into this world of creativity for me; a place where I branched out into other aspects of art through photography and, now, graphic design.  It's grown into a special little world where I can spread my wings and expand my mind while enchanting the ones with treasures they hold so dear.  
It's a weird world: a completely open-minded, colorful place.  There's no shortage of cute things hanging out with the strange things going on magical adventures together.
It's something I've been working arduously over the past few months,  trying to make all the elements and make sure they were harmonious.  I'm soooooo damn proud of it, guys, I really can't wait to hear your feedback!  It's not perfect, but nothing in life is though.  It does make me smile and I hope it makes you smile too!


I have a new mascot: Yeti Girl.  I'm crap at giving names to things that aren't human so that's the best that you'll get out of me ;-)  Yeti Girl follows me around, dressing up and giving helpful advice, and giving cyber high fives to all my visitors! 

So here's the skinny on all the different sections:

Ah, it's good to be home!  Too cheesy?  Yeah, you're probably right.  But I'm a cheeseball! 

The Home page, is a good spot to find out what Sew Chibi Designs is all about in a nutshell. Get connected and become friends with me on all the social media sites or find see what's new on the blog!  The Home page is a great place to start!

This is the center of the Sew Chibi Designs world.  This is where it all happens first.  Everything new, old, and in between you can find here!  I've grown a lot since I started blogging. While some of the old posts have been updated, I feel like it's sort of a journey to see where I came from and how I got to here! 

I love having all my tutorials, DIYs, and free patterns all categorize now!  If you want to know how to tweak that pattern you're working on, check out the tips + techniques.  Trying to accessorize that outfit you just made?  Then accessories is what you are looking for!

Sew Geeky is something that me and my long-time best blog friend, nay, one of my dearest friends, Max California started years ago.  Some of the posts here were specifically from our Sew Geeky Series, and some things are just geeky shit I make on a regular basis. 

You'll notice that there's a new Sew Geeky page with separate sections for different fandoms!  There's a section for anime, comics, star wars, and david bowie (which is small as of today, but that I have biiig plans for!), and then everything else!  I made a different Yeti Girl for each page!  She loves dressing up!

I'm kinda weird!  I'll bet you are too!  Isn't that great?!  Get to know a little more about me and my little chibi family, and all the things that are a part of the Sew Chibi Designs creative process!

Need to contact me?  Want to get on my newsletter?  Have a question, or just want to send me cyber fives?  This is where you'll want to go to get in touch!

end game, err, tour.

I'm still tweaking things and tying up loose ends but I think it's about time that I stop hoarding all my hard work and actually share it with the world!  I hope you like it!  

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