Part Five: Japanese Sewing Books. A look inside. Spring & Summer Lolita collection

Spring & Summer Lolita Collection

ISBN 9784834733761

Quick disclaimer:  I am not an affiliate for any Japanese sewing book whatsoever.  I just think these books are totally boss and wanted to share!

It's a two piece dress/outfit!  I mean, there's a lot of things you can add on, but the main dress.  And look at that blouse and bloomers!!!  Yipes!! So Cute!  Cannot wait for Halloween... probably make some of these for myself sooner than later!

Look at the tie on the back of the blouse!!

How pretty is this!!?!

High-lo skirt!!!

Ummm... only, like, the main reason I bought the book (total valley girl voice, lol).  Dress on the left: I love you!  You're not too bad yourself, dress on the right ;-)

Adore the dress on the left!!  Maybe an adult Rainbow Dash dress with proper modifications??!

Look at how detailed they are!! Suggestions on threads and needles and fabrics with descriptions too!

Half of the pattens have these INCREDIBLE step by step color photo description

Upcycling ideas

pattern diagrams other than the color ones.

Last book tomorrow!!!

Here's a look back at the previous books:


Check out the introduction and first book here.

book two

book three

book four

book five

book six


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