Who Sewed It Better? I'll give you a hint...

It's probably not me.


I am putting up a fight!






Let's take a look at what's going on:

The Challenge

The Competition

I don't know how she does it.  Seriously. She is a beautiful machine of absolutely glorious sewing madness. The things she creates are


inspiring. Some of her sewn lovelies have been so visually striking that it has literally left me speechless before.

photo credit to Jessica Abbot of the Sewing Rabbit

This dress, gives me chills...

And beyond all of the amazing pots she her hands in, of which there are


, she is an incredibly generous person and so very sweet.  I honestly can't fathom how she juggles everything with such grace


creativity. At times it's felt like she was a blog mom to me. I have the utmost respect for her.   

I like saying weird things.  The stranger or more questionable the compliment, the stronger my feelings are.  Alida is, legit, so damn cute I would have to pour acid on her face for it to not have power over me.  Don't worry; she already knows this as I have said to her before!  But


that, this girl can


!  AND, she is one super nice lady that anyone can attest to. 

Photo Credit Alida Lee

Look at this friggin' cute outfit?!!!  Those colors


Dr. Suess?!  I like to believe she was channeling me for this ensemble. HA!

I'm always impressed by the range of her sewing aesthetic and I admire that she makes


clothes... not mini adult clothes.  I know it's a weird concept but so often I find super cute creations that I think are too seemingly grown up for a kiddo.  That's fine for some people, but for me, i look


my kids


inspiration and I feel that she probably does the same thing too (as I feel Jess probably does as well).  I love that about her.

"In Over My Head" Factor

  • Steep. Veerrrrrrrry steep. I am completely tongue tied and sheepish about doing this smack talk because I'm in such awe of these ladies.




totally got this!

They may be creative with a needle and thread and they may be easy on the eyes, but I'm wily and crazy with a few tricks of my own...

I'm like a deranged ninja.

So watch your backs ladies. 

Sew Chibi is coming for you...


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