my little matching Meadow Larks

So it was bound to happen.

I mean, before Sephira even came along, I was making matching ensembles for Azriella and myself.  It's like I was compelled hahaha...

So it was only natural to make matching outfits for them once Sephira got old enough to stand up and walk a little so I could feel justified in making her dresses.

Here they are being all silly and adorable.  Most of the time they were just crawling all over me, which is cute but doesn't lend itself to a very prosperous photo shoot!

Note that the waistbands are different:  Azriella's dress was the first time I did a fully gathered full circle skirt and with an elastic waistband to make getting dressed easy to boot!  Sephira's is a baby version of the Kawaii Magic Dress sans buttons (she's waay to little for buttons).  Notice my fun hemlines:  Azriella's has scallop stitching with green lace and Sephira has a orange and blue feather stitched hem.

Ok enough talk!  Enjoy!

Aren't they precious? Mommy's happy little mommy zombies... "mmmooooooommmm"

favorite Azriella pose ever

this is where she wants to be: in my arms at all times

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