freshly picked. a halter dress for Sephira and another to sell!

Grrrrrrreetings everyone!!  I just put together a quick little ditty for Sephria because she's is hurtin' on summer clothes a little.  I also instituted a new little rule: Make for girls, make for


(fabric permitting ;-)  Money's tight right now and I need to beef up my


Any ol ways, here's the newest addition to Sephira's wardrobe:

Isn't she a doll?!  I love that face and those chubby little bits so damn much!!

In other news I also sewed a skirt for Simple Simon & Co.'s event:

Project Run and Play

It's about making and donating skirts for foster girls!  Such a nice idea!  Yesterday I finished this:

It's just a super breezy circle skirt with a gathered paperbag waistband.  I got the how to on that from a little gray's

tutorial on her fabulous chevron skirt

.  ! just made the waistband at 4" instead of 6".  Thanks Jessica for the tip!

Here is Azriella trying it on for pictures!

Super light and ethereal with a definite princess-y feel.  I think it will make some little girl very happy!   

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