Candy Stash Halloween Dress

SINCE, you have to have your next craft ready before the next voting week comes along, here's what you are missing lol, from me being booted from SYTYC.:

Okay!  HALLOWEEN!  Seriously one our family's top two holidays!  Soo intimidated with nailing down what to do for this challenge!  It's like you are completely over-whelmed with what to choose for ONE craft and you wrack your brain trying to come up with something perfect.  I decided to go to what I know:  fabric.  I knew I didn't want to cram in the extravagant costumes I like to make for the whole family in one week, so I went with another necessity for the holiday:  a little school dress!

This little number is a made from some suuuuper awesome Halloween fabric and some fall-ish leaves fabric for the top.  The dress is self drafted; completely lined and top-stitched with a blanket stitch to give it that pieced "Nightmare Before Christmas" look.  And the back is finished with some fun red-orange snaps and is slightly off center (on purpose!) to give it a less pristine look (I mean comeon, it is a Halloween dress after all!)

The candy pocket is a total necessity!  I think every kid should have at least one shirt or dress that has a pocket special for treats!  It's that "Oh yeah, I forgot that was in there!" feeling that is immediately followed with the thought: "SCORE!" The pocket itself was a little something I pieced together and then paint a creeeeeppy graveyard scene then I finished it by sewing it down, intentionally a little crooked, with more blanket stitching.

Ohand who said we were done with pockets?!  To me, almost everything I can feasibly put inseam pockets on, I do.  I mean tell the person who says "No thanks I don't need those awesome pockets.  I like having nowhere to put my things." and I'll show you a liar ;-)  Well, my kiddo loves em'!

I thought the outfit needed a little accessory.  I'm not a big fan of those BIG ribbon bows; too fou-fou-y for my taste.  So I made a mini matching witch hat headband (with fold over elastic) to complete the look. 

I like that it's not too fitted, because this bad boy is gonna be rocking some long- sleeves and jeans in the winter.  In our house, we wear holiday stuff year round, irregardless of whether or not we're in that specific holiday bracket! So watch out!  It's gonna be Halloween for a verrrry long time around here! ;-)

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