PR&P CHALLENGE 2: Fashion Icon: Gwen Stefani

Ooookaaay, so updates:

  1. On my last custom order!! Yeay!!

  2. I got voted off of SYTYC. I'd be more bummed, but it was a tie, and so they compiled our votes from last week and this week and I only lost by one vote! ha!! That's crazy right?! I will post more on my complete thoughts on SYTYC later, but I am actually kinda relieved that I can scratch it off my list! Honestly my heart is in the PR&P sew along. What's funny is time is not!!! I expand on that in a minute.

  3. Work is changing like crazy so that's had me in a whilrwind.


Lex and the girls!!

Okay, so I wasn't even sure I was going to make something this week, and then I realized something: Gwen Stefani is like THE icon of kawaii fashion!!! 

Well F Yeah I'm gonna make something?!?!!!!!  I adore the Harajuku style:  Lolita-esque, bright, mix-matchy, lots of details, and happy Happy HAPPY!!  Wait, am I describing Harajuku or am I describing myself... hmmm?  In a lot of ways this is absolutely my Signature Style.  

Peace sign for pictures:  totally Japanese Kawaii.  Trying to make a peace sign with your fingers when you're 5:  impossible ;-) sorta.

I drew up plans on Wednesday before work.  Truthfully, I wanted to make a matching outfit for Sephira, and still am, but time is a real you know what!  So she's wearing a shirt i made as part of my Signature Style look for last season of PR&P, which is totally baby kawaii at it's finest!

Thursday: I cut and sewed all day.  I can't remember the last time I started pulling from my stash and cutting it all up that I was so excited about what I was coming up with that I stopped and texted my husband at work.  Really, I can't remember the last time.  

"Oh Hai!  I am the baby who will be photobombing this shoot!  Nice to meet you!"

I made this all in a day...yesterday.  And damnit all if I didn't finish at bedtime.  Yep!  Too late to take pictures!  Sigh!  Oh well.  I'd rather not be in the running to win the sew along this week than to take some more lame ass pictures with my fancy new camera.  He doesn't deserve that.  

"Wait, what?"

So, I just took some at my own pace, which was just like twenty minutes ago.

Insert some more work phone calls and baby nursing/nap and here we are.

So Harajuku for those of you who aren't familiar is an area in Tokyo that is famous for it's style.  It's known as Japanese street style.  I love that Gwen Stefani is the spokeswoman for it all and that she took her love for it worldwide!  

Pants pants pants

We are huuuuuuuuge anime/Japanese dorks in our house.  Way too many to count, well, without blushing ;-)  

"Pretty" pose hahaha

The look most commonly is school girl gone crazy on rainbow Kool Aide hahahaaa. It's edgy which I love and (in falsetto) COLORFUL!!!  

I went with a T-shirt (yes sadly that was already made.  Time, people, I had none of it!  And secretly I planned the whole outfit around it!)

Add to that this plaid lightweight wool I've had in my stash probably since I started sewing.  That's about three years!  Anyways, I wanted a vest and school skirt look.  I drafted all of it from scratch as per the usual and I used a pettiskirt I made earlier in the year to fill it out.  I made some crazy leggings too!  Wait till you see Sephira's outfit when it's done!  You all are going to DIE!  It's okay, you'll die happy I promise ;-)

"Did you lose this bear?  Cuz I clearly lost a contact or something and this feels like a bear.  So- is it yours?"

Hi!  I'm a bad close up shot!

I made a gathered circle skirt of plaid, rainbow organdies, and a fun lime green ruffle panel.  It has a plaid waistband gathered with elastic and has ties to make a red bow in the back.  I like the bias strip look of the red bows (and come on guys, I got bias coming out of my ass-is these days!)

Yeay, awesome back drop!  (Keep your eye on the baby)

"Nope, this goes here."

"Ahhh, that's better!"

The vest is fitted in the back by the waist with a little shirring and is finished, fully lined in black.  Did I mention Azy LOVES it!?!  Gonna be her outfit for her first day of her new school next week!

Make a silly anime face!

Okay, what are your thoughts, ladies?!  Tell me tell me tell me!  I LOVE ALL YOUR COMMENTS!! I read them all like 10 times each (and that's a modest count!)  

It's so funny, I recently started drinking regular coffee since Sephira doesn't nurse as much anymore and my talking and typing have me sounding like I'm on crack I'm sure!  Caffeine is something I am almost always careful with because it makes me cccrrrrraaazzzyy, lol!  Well, sometimes ;-)

love love love.  and a rearranging of the set in the background.

Wait till you see what's been rattling around in my brain for the white sheet challenge!  Thanks to Max's shout out, I feel I need to "bring it" so be prepared to bring a bag to take it back in! HA!  Okay!  Gotta go for now!  A million hugs to you all!!!

hugs & stitches,


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