Ponyo on a cliff by the sea

As I was reading Kristin's post yesterday I realized I really needed to post about Sephira's Halloween costume!  I finished it before I started Azriella's but just hasn't gotten around to taking any pics.  Sooo, here she is, my little Ponyo.

For those of you who aren't familiar, Ponyo, a film by the most incredible children's film creator Hayao Miyazaki, is a different take on the story of the little mermaid.

A quick synapsis: there's a sweet little boy, Sosuke, who lives on a cuff by the sea. One day while playing, he comes across a cute little fish that had magical healing powers. He tries to keep her but her father seeks to bring her back. Shortly after he succeeds she runs off again, this time turning into a little girl, full of energy and a head full of big orange hair. Sosuke and Ponyo are reunited and form a strong friendship. Her father is torn as to whether his daughter should stay human permanently or if she should return to being a fish. I won't spoil the ending for you, but suffice it to say, it is a way more wholesome with a much better message than the Disney Little Mermaid and yet still incredibly beautiful to watch. Love Ponyo. Love it!!! Go watch it... NOW!  Ha! So now you know why Jon is dressing up as Ponyo's dad!

Anyways, with Sephira's big ol' poofy locks and her playful, energetic, inquisitive nature I thought Ponyo was a perfect choice for her.

The dress is self drafted (shocking, right;-) featuring a button placket back bodice, pseudo-Neru collar, big poofy sleeves (I made them a little longer to keep her warm), and a circle skirt.

The outfit wouldn't be complete without big, ginormous bloomers and Ponyo's little green bucket.

I am still working on a few things: her cape which will be a white towely thing of course, shoe covers (I started to make shoes but its so damp here), and maybe a stuffed toy ham slice. Hahahaha.

She loves it (well not the standing still for the buttons) and I think she looks so stinking cute running around with her chubby little bits and rosy checks, clutching that little green pail!!

So what do you think?? I gotta to get back to sewing because time's a ticking and I have work tonight. It's possible I won't be able to post a midnight tutorial tonight because I get home so late but if that's the case I will make up for it by a finale two day sew along over the weekend! Fair? Good!

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