A week of sewn clothes. A belated KCWC... Or am I early?!

Hmmmmm... what could these all be?  Hmmmmm... If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know about them.

Let's start at the beginning.

So it started when Azy got sick on Friday. I hadn't realize till October that the raincoat I had been using an 18m-2T raincoat on her! Go ahead, shake your heads at me! I sure did!! So she had come home sick on Friday because her hoodie got pretty wet at school when they were outside playing. I had been putting off the whole raincoat thing for a number of reasons: 1.) I hadn't found any in of the stores on sale. 2.) fabric.com was perpetually out of something awesome: iron on vinyl. OMG it's $5 and someday it will be mine, but it's been on back order since November. Boo. And 3.) laminated cotton, as pretty as it is, is just not on the budget right now (later I'll divulge what I did splurge on). So. As much as I did really want to use it, I decided on a brand new flannel tablecloth from Easter that I had gotten for $2.50 from a target clearance. Following this awesome tutorial, thank you Jessica, I made her this:

So this is Azy's new "go to"pose.  Looks like she has a happy toothache.  Seriously, you'll see this pose further down in the post.

Yeah I forgot that the hoodie I used for the pattern is a bit big for the little lady but hey, she'll have it for a while, right?!

Grrrreat!  Deep pockets and sleeve cuffs!!! Lined with coral floral quilting cotton!

Blurry close up of the lining.  It's so silly!

The lining is this crazy chartreuse zombie kitty cat flannel with exposed brains, glasses, and the word "BRAINIAC" all over. Truth be told, it's probably not really zombies but I like to think of it that way!

Running out of poses.

My favorite of all the raincoat pics I think.  I made some fantabulous black yarn piping using my tutorial from Halloween to accentuate the black outlineon the lining. I love that it gives the whole coat a cartoon look!

{insert your own caption here ;-}

How crazy grown up does Sephira look in this picture?!

HHHHAAAA! I couldn't help myself!!!  I took a picture of her mid-cough!!   >_<

Bye Bye Sis!

She was so thrilled with it. As was her sister, who insisted on wearing it for dinner that night.

Creepy baby with pasta on her chest.

Ahem, so then I realized, as I got her dressed on Thursday (because she got the coughs and sniffles so she had to stay home a couple days), I hit the breaking point again. That girl has grown so much in the last couple months; she only has maybe 3 long-sleeved shirts that fit! I had been putting off going to Old Navy and didn't feel like getting any at Target so, yes, this too was another "bad mom moment".

So as I loaded that girl on to that bus in her new raincoat, I went a little crazy.  (Think back to that photo at the top).  So I chopped up a bunch of knits and fleece, traced out a pattern from this new book and then got down to business.

I'm sure a lot of you know about Patty Young, but if you don't, she is a mega successful wonder designer of kids patterns and fabrics for Micheal Miller.  Yeowza she's incredible.  And this book is fantastic!  I did make the pattern I used for Azy with the width for a 3T (because she's crazy tiny) and the length at 5T.  I guess ideally I would make the shirts 1"-2" longer but that is just my personal preference.

Quote of the night?

me: "Mommie's making you 6 new long sleeved shirts!  Isn't that awesome?"

azy: " Um. I want 10."


me: "Well, you're getting six."

So, yeeeahh...she's not spoiled.  Not one bit... ;-)

So let's see the line up!!

Shirt number one, she wore to school:

See?? Happy toothache.  Still cute though!

The first one is super simple since it was the first one I made that night and she insisted on wearing it to bed... and then to school on Friday.

"It's a little cold."

The next one I finished was a gray and neon striped number that I accented with two neon orange organza bows by the shoulder.

Number three is a blue polka fabric with neon pink sleeves, and a combination bow/scout tie at the neck.

With shirt four, I officially ran out of tags. So I improvised a scrap one, mainly  so that Jon doesn't put her shirt on backwards... Because he totally will, every time. And then, I did something special.

So I've been tinkering around with taking my crafting to a new level of detail: button-making. I got several amazing molds from Mold Muse on Etsy and some polymer clay in a few fun colors (actually we got more today!) and have been having the time of my life making them!

Some of you asked for a tutorial but basically they are so simple, all you have to do knead the clay (small amount) then work it into every nook and cranny of the  mold.  No need to spray anything, and you can bake the clay in the molds or pop them out beforehand and put them in a cookie tray and make a bunch!  265 degrees 30-35 mins, no longer. Don't worry that they're still a little flexible when you take them out. They'll harden up in five minutes when they're cooled!  Oh I can't tell you how rewarding it is to make your own buttons!  Also, if you want, you could use resin but clay is best to start with and there is a huge variety of colors and is way easier to access than resin. Oh and the resin ones take a day to harden. I made a bunch of red glittery ones for valentine dresses Saturday morning!

OOOhhhh, red and glittery

First try at mulit-color buttons.  Orange and sparkly red.

Next on the list were the two sweaters. I wanted to combine two looks from Patty's  book: the hooded swimsuit coverup and the v-neck pullover. Voila!

Oh yeah!  Matching chartreuse skinny jeans!!

 Number five was a rainbow color block hoodie with a purple rainbow snoopy hood (which she put on immediately and has refused to take off)...

... And the last one is a Wubbzy hoodie.

So there! The girl is STOCKED with long sleeve shirts. Bring it on, Portland!!

Out takes:

Must wear everything she sees... Especially her big sister's new stuff.

At Joann's.  She's got her priorities straight ;-)

New favorite thing? Throwing herself backwards all random moments. Ha. Ha? Well sometimes yes and sometimes it's a heart-dropping, fumbling to pick up a baby that's trying to dive out of your arms.  This time Azy was going in for a kiss.

And as I went to get her in pants today I noticed another remarkable discovery.... :-(

Anyway, that's what I did this week!!


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