Part Three: Japanese Sewing Books. A look inside. Pochee Special

Pochee special (kids only)  

ISBN 9784529049610

Quick disclaimer:  I am not an affiliate for any Japanese sewing book whatsoever.  I just think these books are totally boss and wanted to share!

Okay, so today's is probably the most popular of the bunch.  What's cool about this one is that it's a compilation of patterns from various kids sewing books!!  There are some parts about upcycling but I didn't feel like including them.  These posts are mainly about patterns.


Woah!  What a way to start the book right?!  Two ultra cute looks and check out the back of the shirt on the left!  It's got a pouch!

Super darling dress on the left.  Love that!!!!

And although it's not what you'd think of being 'my style' I really like the dress on the left for some reason.  Probably because it's cute ;-)


look at that little purse on the left!! (feels like a lot of my favs are on the left lol)


Not only a mother daughter but father look a like pattern!!!  HHAAHAH for those who know, you know I will be dragging everyone into recreating this!!  Familes who stripe together stay together!!

adjustable bow ties!!!

pattern diagrams

SOOOOOOO WORTH THE WHOLE BOOK!!!  Yukatas!!!!!!!!  Heart just skipped. A. Beat.

Kimono jammies!!! And omg!! Make your own cute fans for the summer on the left!!

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