Part Six. Japanese Sewing Books. A look inside. Autumn & Winter Lolita collection

So the final book is entitled Autumn & Winter Lolita Collection.

ISBN 9784834734881

Quick disclaimer:  I am not an affiliate for any Japanese sewing book whatsoever.  I just think these books are totally boss and wanted to share!

How droolworthy are both of these looks?!  I mean the coat on the left and that velvet dress on the right?!

How delightfully Steampunky!!

Cute corset back dress coat

Look at the sleeve detail on the dress on the left!  LOVE!

Teaches you how to make resin cabochon jewelry!!  What!?

More supplies and more lessons on the jewelry.

Fabric descriptions

color pattern descriptions. 

Let it be known that the instructions for this book, and the last two books I posted about, all have the directions to be read from RIGHT to LEFT.

annnnd the rest of the patterns look like this one in black and white.

So I hope you enjoyed/were inspired/ amused by this series of looks inside the books of my Japanese Sewing Collection!!!  I can't wait to share my creations with you and you with me!!!  

Happy Sewing EVERYONE!!!!!

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