Sew Geeky Premiere! 8 bit babies!!! Nyan Cat + Tac Nayn



 The moment is HERE!!!

A new series by me and my bestest bestie, Max-California!

What 8-bit wonderness did I whip up?!

image courtesy of Rachael Gander

click the picture for the Tac Nayn gameplay

NYAN CAT!!! + nemesis TAC NAYN!!!

To say I adore this game, would be an understatement!!!  It's so cute and light-hearted and it's got the best background music!!!  

Seriously, we dance party to it all the time in our house!!!  

Some of you probably don't know what the heck I am talking about!  Well, Nyan Cat is a free smartphone game that is basically about an 8-bit pop-tart kitty cat, Nyan Cat, that travels through space eating all sorts of things from sweets to veggies to weird pills while running into obstacles like doggies, spaceships, and worse of all, Tac Nayn, an evil waffle kitty (which is Nyan cat spelled backwards).  The game is really simple.  Oh, did I mention that Nyan has a never ending trail of rainbows? Hooked. 

Azy's drawings! Nyan Cat and Tac Nayn

The girls think it's the best thing.  Seriously, when I made Azy this PacMan dress earlier this month she was a salty dog about wearing it because all she wanted to wear was that Nyan Cat dress!  

So the dresses?  Let's discuss them.  

About the dresses:

  • dress pattern Scirocco Dress by Figgy's.

Those little guys were pretty dang tough to do too!  So many tiny little pieces!

  • The patterns on the dresses are as you might have guessed: completely stamped, painted, and or bleach by moi. Tedious and time-consuming, yes. But what a payoff!!! I had to double paint those little skulls because white paint doesn't want to stay white after you heat set it. I used a black fabric marker to go back in and outline and add the faces to each pattern piece of the dress.

  • And that background on Azriella's dress, sigh, that had to be done with bleach and the tip of an out of commission seam ripper tip (even a toothpick proved to provide to thick a design!). The stress of it all was not knowing how it was going to turn out until about five minutes went by when the bleach finally would come through.

  • The bottom layer of both dresses was either fused in circular pieces (Sephira's) or completely filled in with fabric markers. WHEW!!!! Those colors were basically spent after that ordeal!

  • I added a button on tail to the underneath of the top tier with handmade buttons and some wire and polyfil for the tails to mold them into shape. (I didn't want to just sew them in for the sake of some kid at school ripping it or having it get caught on something in the washer)

  • I made them both a little bracelet purse to hide their little bits in!

  • The headbands are just a simple self drafting with the same designs as their dresses and with added stuffed inset kitty ears.

  • After everything was done, I spritz them both with fabric glitter spray (silver for Azy and red for Sephira)

The girls freaked out to wear them.  Both of them were so excited to try them on while I was making them, but when it came time for our first attempt at a photoshoot, they were just not into it.  So a couple days later we did them at home and I turned on the app for them to play and "get into the mood" and it totally worked!  Instant dance party action!!!

Funny note: would you believe I used the same 18month sizing for both girls except for Azy's I elongated it to a proper 5T?  Craziness, right?!

"Run away, Nyan!!!"

Running sure wears a kitty out!

I had such a complete BLAST making and planning these dresses!  I sent my girl tons of notes and texts on the progress of them (as did she with hers!).  Check out these silly little videos of me demonstrating the movable kitties to her! 

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It. is. KILLER!!!!

secret battle sequence video when you click on the girls above! 

Alright.  I think that's everything!!!  

See ya soon!!!

P.S.) one more video???? this one is mind-blowing!!!!!

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