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Week 4: 🌈Our Kawaii Life!🦄

Week 4: 🌈Our Kawaii Life!🦄

Six years ago, if you told me I'd be one of the final 3 designers on Project Run & Play, I'm not sure I would have believed you! This is totally one of those "pinch me, this can't be real" moments! I'm forever grateful to everyone who has supported and cheered me on! It's been a staggeringly talented season and each designer really gave it their all! I've been hoping to make it to this week because I really wanted to let loose! In the words of last season's winner, Pearberry Lane: this is us! We're silly, expressive, purposefully mismatched, happy, and a little weird! We're constantly evolving and learning new cultures and trying new ideas out and so I wanted to create a collection that reflects just that! I call this summery collection Our Kawaii Life!

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Week 3: Action Go!

Week 3: Action Go!

 Excited to finally share this week's Stripes themed looks! Of all the challenges this season, I think I was most anticipating this one because it gave me a chance to change my perspective on something we see every day! Each week, I wanted to try out different moods: the first week was a bit moody and French, last week was super girly and cute, and this week it's about cool, idol-inspired fashion... but for girls! Always a fan of the series, "Boys Can Wear Pink", I thought about how to do something that would have a similar message, but for girls! It's empowering for them to see themselves in hip, urban streetwear in addition to the pretty dresses because it gives them a chance to appreciate different facets of what makes them awesome individuals! For motivation, while designing my stripes looks, I watched what I watch a lot of every day: Asian pop music videos, especially those from Taiwan and Japan! Paired up with my longtime love of optical illusions, I created fashion for my girls that they could wear on a summery Friday night, hanging out with friends in the city, playing vintage video games at the arcade, then catching a movie at one of the retro theaters nearby.

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This is the stuff dreams are made of! Announcing the GRAND OPENING of my SEW CHIBI DESIGNS PDF PATTERN SHOP featuring my first pattern: the ZOU Playset! It consists of two patterns (also sold separately!):

The ZOU CROP TOP which has optional details like color-blocked side panels, plackets and arm cuffs; puffy mini crown and eyes, mini trunk pocket or a regular-sized trunk pocket that attaches to the culottes. 

The SUPER BUBBLE CULOTTES are poofy, fully lined, bloomer style shorts with an optional snap-on tail and little ties which can attach the regular-sized trunk pocket!

Fine out all the details by clicking the "read more" button below!!!

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🎸⚡The BEST EVER Mini Ziggy Stardust You'll Ever See!⚡🕷

🎸⚡The BEST EVER Mini Ziggy Stardust You'll Ever See!⚡🕷


I've made a lot of super fun, ultra rad, kickass stuff in my sewing lifetime... but thisTHIS, is at the top of the list for me!!! Nothing could inspire me more to put on a good show than the starman himself, David Bowie.  Yesterday marked the first anniversary of his death and so I have been planning a grandiose ZIGGY STARDUST homage for the past year! My muse is one of the biggest little Bowie fans out there so I made a commitment to myself and to her to make her a capsule wardrobe of iconic Bowie outfits! 

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KCW Spring 2016 Part 2: Sleepin With Deh Fishies

KCW Spring 2016 Part 2: Sleepin With Deh Fishies

It's literally has been yeeears since I planned to make, on time, and post, on time, for Kids Clothes Week!  I am making this year my most creative yet because I had a bit of a misstep motivation wise last year, so LOOK OUT!  I am planning some big changes so I am feeling all this drive and fire to just GO BIG!My plan came together as soon as I heard the KCW theme was TOYS.  I went straight away to drafting out lil buddies to stitch into their outfits (because if I don't, they'll just lose em'!) so they can play with them whenever they wear them!  I love making things with little surprises!  

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Sew Geeky Studio Ghibli! Nausicaä! Calcifer! Forest Spirit!

Sew Geeky Studio Ghibli!  Nausicaä! Calcifer! Forest Spirit!

I told myself that I wouldn’t go over the top; that I want to keep Sew Geeky a little more casual so that I don’t burn myself out trying to outdo myself every month. It’s exhausting! It also makes me struggle to make other things; the essential things. BUT STUDIO GHIBLI?! I could not go small. I just couldn’t! Ugh, I am my own worst enemy, I know! Narrowing it down was incredibly hard. I have the urge to STUDIO GHIBLI ALL THE THINGS!

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Sew Geeky Marvel vs DC Episode!

Sew Geeky Marvel vs DC Episode!

Good morning to you!  ^_^ It’s time for Sew Geeky’s newest episode: Marvel vs DC! We didn’t want to do just Superheroes.  We wanted to spice it up a bit, so we did a Marvel vs Detective Comics (aka DC) theme! So I decided to go with a hero vs villain approach for my outfits. I give you retro Catwoman and chibi Loki!

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This is me.

In a nutshell, my whole life I've been a cartoon addict.  No lie.  I recorded my faves on VHS when I was a teenager and I have never really stopped watching them!  

But as you get older you learn to appreciate new things and I fell, similar to Alice, down the rabbit hole, into the world of anime.

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Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links.  And while I did get the pattern for free, all the opinions are completely my own.



Unofficial title for this post: GLAMPING THROUGH JABBA'S PALACE!

Why you ask?

Well, because this is Mommy's Little Puppy "Rain"cor!

Say "hi" to everyone, little "Rain"cor!


And the pattern for little "Rain"cor is from {affiliate linksWillow & Co.'s "Elm Poncho" (pattern by Celina) for their latest collection called "Wanderlust."  The tour is all about "glamping," a mash-up of glamorous and camping.  Since my outfit is a little more like glamping gone wrong, I couldn't resist the title!  I knew as soon as I saw the Elm pattern that it would be perfect for the rainy weather here and perfect for my Rancor look.

Why Rancor, you ask?  Because he is my husband's favorite character from Star Wars (which he calls "little puppy Rancor." A while ago he said, and I quote "I'd like to see you pull off a Rancor outfit."  



Once again, I got to check another item off my sewing bucket list.

I knew I needed to make a Rancor outfit!  I Found this perfect detailed brown pleather/vinyl at Jo-ann's. Then enter the Elm Poncho pattern, and all the pieces seemed to fall into place!  The fanfare played in my head as I dubbed the outfit "Rain"cor which is a name I am very proud of!

I did have to make some edits to make it look more "Rancor-like."

  • elastic casing around the face

  • nostril pleats

  • stuffed, layered circle shoulder details to mimic Rancor's bulky shoulders

  • distressed vinyl claws

I lined the poncho in a green broadcloth because of the ooze (which I assume is his blood) that comes out of him when he dies.

Gruesome? Yes.  Still cute?

Well I think so!

The pattern is really cute and has a bunch of different customizations.  I made it in the smallest size, 6-12months, so it's a little comically big on her, but I love it!  And it'll be handy for the rainy season here!

I definitely plan on making bigger ones for the girls.

The outfit underneath is a neat little sweatsuit that makes her look like a fashionable old lady to me!  At the same time, it seems very fitting for a baby rancor outfit.  It's weird how it works out like that!

The patterns are the same ones I used for this outfit (but the leggings are longer)

The fabric is an animal print knit has this neat bronze, metallic threading yet it's still soft to the touch.

The blanket she is on is a present from Rachael from Imaginegnats and is the fuzziest thing ever!!!

Now please allow me to indulge in some superfluous pics of my little critter who is almost exactly two months old in these pics!

How incredibly derpy is Akira throughout this photoshoot?!  LOL

I'll be posting the winner to the Saffron dress giveaway mentioned in part I later today on the Sew Geeky Series Facebook page! 

Next month's theme will be revealed to everyone very soon!  Make sure you follow us to find out what's new and what's next in the world of Geeky DIYs!

Now go on over to MAX-CALIFORNIA & GIRL LIKE THE SEA to see the uber-precious creature features they made for their kids!!!  Hysterical and Adorable, I promise!!!

And thank you, Celina, for the Elm poncho!  We all love it very much!

A little Star Wars inspired song to play us out, courtesy of Marissa of Rae Gun Ramblings. It's her husband's band!

So what do you think!?  Plan on coming back for more Sew Geeky goodness?!  We sure hope so!

Until then!

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