KCW Spring 2016 Part 2: Sleepin With Deh Fishies


deh fishies are sleeeeeeepin'! 

It's literally has been yeeears since I planned to make, on time, and post, on time, for Kids Clothes Week!  I am making this year my most creative yet because I had a bit of a misstep motivation wise last year, so LOOK OUT!  I am planning some big changes so I am feeling all this drive and fire to just GO BIG!

Before I start the story, I have to explain ms. grumpypants in the photos.  I only had a small window of time to take pictures of them together which had to happened after school but before work.  I was going to have to do it without any help, and with a cranky baby on my chest.  I told Azy that if she was going to nap on the way to work that she just be prepared to wake up in 20 mins and not be upset.  "I promise, mommy."

Famous. Last. Words.

Picture this:  my favorite sling at home, so I used the baby Bjorn to harness this little ball of energy to my chest, distracting her with snacks [healthy ones, of course], while I try to manually focus the lens and keep it away from inquisitive little hands.  Oh, and Azriella was not having it.  She was upset that she was woken up and upset that it was chilly.  Well, it was warm on the side of the building I wanted to take pics but it was one of those ironic Portland February days where there wasn't a cloud in the sky.  

le sigh.

It wasn't working.  I had to go back around the corner (where they were chilly) to take some pictures.  

Soooooo, we have a lot of this:  happy blurry Sephira; frowny in-focused Azriella.

Honestly, I can't be mad because the pictures are so funny.  They're all on these extreme angles too because, remember, Akira was grabbing at the camera the whole time.  

I immediately just embraced it all. 

I mean, you can't get mad, and you can't really fix it so what do you do?  You just. friggin. own. it.  

So how did we get to here?

When I was shopping for the tangram dresses, it was after a long shift at work, and I had all three of the rugrats with me, strolling through the narrow aisles at Fabric Depot.  The girls were promised a half a yard of a fabric of their choosing IF they were good.  They were so exceptional that all the little ol ladies and their husbands commented on them as we were leaving!  Guys- we are never the well behaved ones at any place anywhere ever!  Well, these little ladies fell in love with the same fabric (ain't that the cutest?!)  We Borders are huge narwhal lovers and once they saw that fabric, it could not be unseen.  It was one of those moments as a maker mamma where your whole heart fills up... That shared moment of elation over something- to see the sparkles in their eyes and the huuuuuge smiles, the jumping up and down and the squeaky little voices... 

it was everything. 

So I was waiting for that "moment".  

A reason to cut in to those beauties. 

My plan came together as soon as I heard the KCW theme was TOYS.  I went straight away to drafting out lil buddies to stitch into their outfits (because if I don't, they'll just lose em'!) so they can play with them whenever they wear them!  I love making things with little surprises!  

I made Azriella a top, as per requested, from my desert island book: a sunny spot.  It's that book, y'know, the one that, if you were left on a desert island with endless fabric and sewing machines, lol, and you were allowed only one sewing book- this would be my book.  I can't even tell you, guys.  It's just all heart eyes and puppy dogs to me.  I used pattern C and I added in some shirring to define the top and a little ruffle by the hem just because.  

Next, the medium little missy wanted a skirt.  So I thought "Give her something she can play with."  So I kept in theme with the stuffed animals, picked some creatures that might share the same space as a narwhal and made a party line for them to slide up and down!  I sewed little loops on their backs colored on rosy cheeks, and stitched wittle faces on them.  The waistline is a paperbag style and is just a simple little number I want to whip up.  Her face lit up a hundred thousand watts when she found out the little guys I was sewing up were for a skirt for her!

Little buddies to keep you company, to play with, to cuddle, what ever their little imaginations desire!

The little seal buddies were originally sewn for this dress.  

And yeah!  That's about it!  I'm so pleased with myself to fulfill this goal. 

 [mental high five]

So I should tell you, I am only halfway (if that) up the roller coaster of projects I have planned for the next month.  Make sure to stick around to follow me on my crazy threaded adventure!  It's all fun boats and banana hats here!

hugs + stitches + many many smooches,


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