Pattern Testing: Kawaii Cloud Pinafore. A new pattern by Rachael from Imaginegnats

So recently I was asked by the ineffable Rachael from Imaginegnats a couple of weeks ago to pattern test her first self-drafted pattern!!! Of course, I was honored and since over the last few months we have gotten pretty close, I decided I wanted to do something special. But when it comes to pattern testing I've found it increasingly hard to not pull a "Kat" and veer off in my own direction at some point or add embellishments at all for fear it would take away from the awesomeness of the pattern. So finding my voice in this middle ground is my newest challenge these days!  But I have to admit, I am pretty friggin smug about the way this little tunic came out!  And while I did receive the pattern free for testing, the opions here are all my own!

Let's talk about the pattern shall we?  The sizes range from 18m-8 years. There is the option to set in pockets, to add them to the existing pattern so it's just one long seam and then no pockets. But comeon folks, Ms. Pockets-McGee here ain't making anything without pockets that has the option of having them.  So I decided to try the option that didn't set them in ( the adding the pocket pattern to the dress pattern and stitching in one long seam option) since I've never done that before.  

Seriously the only good pic of her with her hands in her pockets hahah...

Do you like my buttons??  Yep, handmade and hand painted too!

I made the pinafore in a 2T size for my now 21month old (Geez is she that old now?!).  And the sizing I think is accurate for a nice little tunic!  Although the pattern is in the very rough stages of testing, I didn't really have any problems sewing it up... The instructions were clear and it was a very satisfying sew.  One thing I did do aside from the instructions was to topstitch the hole this instead of slip-stitching the opening to turn the pinny out.... Hand sewing and I don't mix... horrible... I avoid it at all costs.  

Did you notice the print on that little pinafore?  I carved out a cloud stamp from a plastic wine cork with an Exacto knife and then I stamped in four neon colors.  After I was done (which took a while on it's own), I stepped back and looked at the pattern pieces.  It was cute but not super cute in my honest opinion.  So!  I decided to make each cloud look like a little kawaii cartoon cloud.  

I mixed more acrylic paint with textile medium and I took my trusty pencil and sharpener and I proceeded to outline each individual could and make a little smiley face on each one too.  

It.  Took.  F.O.R.E.V.E.R!! 

These two little guys kissing at the pleat... HOW CUTE IS THAT?!!!

I told Rachael that I wouldn't have gone through that for just anyone ;-) and that I am super smitten with the end result.

Sephira spotted it hanging on the wall in my sewing room sending pre-shoot pics to Rachael and immediately reached for it to be put on her.  She does NOT always do that folks.  She wore it the rest of the night and slept in it too actually so forgive any wrinkles you may spot.  

Looking at those clouds I feel an intimate relationship with each one of them! Ha! 

It is such a cute little pinafore that I plan on making many more for her (I have one idea in mind but it's a ways down the road.) 

Thought I'd do a "hair explosion" pic or two for you all ;-)

Think you might want to pattern test too??  Click on this link to sign up to be a pattern tester:

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Once again THANK YOU RACHAEL for sharing your first pattern testing with me... It was truly an honor!

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