Pattern Testing: The Santa Monica Cinch by See Kate Sew

Ok guys, so this little jacket I have been anticipating blogging about for oh, over a month now!!!  My jawed dropped to the floor when I became privy to {affiliate link}See Kate Sew's search for pattern testers back in late January... I mean, almost everyone in the sewing bloggy community has GOT to know about See Kate Sew.  She has done SO much for all walks of sewing.... I have got a lot of respect for this lady!!! 

And a quick disclaimer: while I did receive the pattern free for testing, all of the opinons are completely my own!

So on to the coat.  

It is the quintessential spring coat. 

When she initially put the post out for testers on this, I immediately went to my fabric stash and I searched for something suitable.  I had NEVER pattern tested before (and what's funny is at this day I have now tested three times hahahha) The pattern called for medium weight fabric and I have had this in my stash since my Philly days from a little place called Jomar.  It's a hot pink jacquard fabric I got years ago and has been looking for a good use ever since!  Voila, pink jacquard, a jacket you shall be!!!

The pattern comes in sizes 6m to 6 years old and features a lined jacket with unlined sleeves.  

It is such an adorable coat!  And it is seriously a quick satisfying sew!  It took me only one day... Really it only took me one good solid nap ;-)  It is perfect for beginners and would make you feel pretty confident about the ending result.  It features a couple of adorablebox pleats, and a sweet single breasted look... I did take the moment to make a very special one of a kind button... from a mold I used from one of my molds from Mold Muse on Etsy.

check out my awesome button!!!

So my sash pieces are a little long.... ideally I would shorten these as needed but since I didn't have ribbon that made me happy, I made sashes so that mad it hard to size down.  Don't care too much because I still love this so very much!!!

What a sweet bulldog face!!!

So let's explain this picture:  Sephy is wearing one of my favorite Azy handmade hand me downs, and Azy is wearing her new color-blocked hooded sweatshirt and Rainbow Dash dress up skirt from Christmas.  

Take a look at this lining!!!!! Are you just dying out there?!?  This fabulousness is from Kristin from SkirtAsTop as a birthday present.  How sweet is this?!!!!  Tres' Sew Chibi, right?!!!!  So much love for this fabric!

I did the binding that the pattern required in matching lining fabric so that it didn't take away from the beauty of that lining fabric.  Looks great, right?!

So in wrap-up this pattern is a must have, fast and amazing sew that I HIGHLY recommend and I am totally going to make for Azriella very soon!!!!  Look forward to a post on that!!! 

 Until next time!

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