the Schoolgirl Skirt Pattern Testing!!! Melly Sews of Blank Slate Patterns Spring 2013

Well!  Hello again everybody!!!  Today I want to present a cute little pattern by {affiliate linkMelly Sews as part of her Blank Slates Patterns Spring 2013 collection. It's her Schoolgirl pleated skirt!  When I saw the picture for this pattern I was actively excited!!!  It is just so darn cute!  I love all the options for pattern mixing that you can do with the pieces!  It's not only great for spring but is truly an all seasons skirts with the right materials or accessories!!!

And while I did receive the pattern free for testing Here are some of my thoughts on Melly's pattern (which are totally my own):

The printing layout was a breeze!  The borders around the edge; the separate sections for the sizes AND their own specific dash design (I'm a black and white printing kind of gal so the different dash designs are a big plus!), the letters in the circles to fit.... all was very easy!

The fit was surprisingly well!  And I say surprisingly because Azy is 5.5 year old and a skinny mini and even the dimensions for the 4T made me worry a little on the fit.  BUT, with the custom fit elastic, it came out perfect!!!

Of course I had to make some little buttons!

I really loved this pattern!!!  It will be a "go-to" of mine in the future for sure!!!!

Totoro and her Japanese Pokemon book... doesn't get much better that that!!!

Oh!!!  And I just finished the girls' Easter outfits and I am so excited to share them with you!!!!!! Oh and there is something special that I have planned for it as well!!!  My first giveaway!  EEK!  It's a good one too so please pop on back here and check it out!!!!!

Until then!

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