KCWC spring 2013 Day 3: Heartbeet Dress

KCWC Day 3

Heartbeet dress & Harlequin tights

Patterns Used:

  • Dress:  Pattern G from "A Sunny Spot"
  • Tights: Refashioned and self drafted


  • Ikea quilting cotton Veggie motif
  • Nylon for tights

Pattern Deviations:

  • Handmade buttons for the dress
  • Inset scallops in side seams, one set red, one set baby pink (to match the tights)

I had hoped she'd walk around barefoot but that was a no go.  Daddy swinging her was her reward for a good photo-shoot!  Seeing her in this dress, in our yard gives me a distinct My Neighbor Totoro Feel.

See you tomorrow!!!!  

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