KCWC Spring 2013 Day 4: Hipster Star Wars Outfit

KCWC Spring 2013 Day 4

Hipster Star Wars

Patterns used:

  • blouse: Pattern C from A sunny spot

  • shorts: re-purposed jeans to cut-offs

Pattern deviations:

  • blouse: Handmade sparkle buttons. Added one line of shirring

  • shorts: I added a line of stay-stitching to the hems. Azriella made the Star Wars elements herself!!!

Okay, so how funny is it that one line of shirring made it look like a Staple Dress shirt!?  Love how things like that happen!!!

I L.O.V.E. this outfit on her... she had her doubts at first, so I gave her fabric markers and told her to make them look like the blouse fabric.  She went from hating the shorts to them being her favorite things.  Ha!!  She was so proud of them and showed them off at school today.

And there was a sick baby that photobombed the entire shoot!

Oh well, what are you going to do?!

Also, this is a nod to Ari and my new series, Sew Geeky, coming to you on May 25th!!!  Check Day one of KCWC for all the details!

See you tomorrow!!!

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