Light it Up Neon

Hi guys!!!!  I just want to pop up a little note telling you to go check out {affiliate linkmy first contribution to go make shit: a place for epic shit!

Oh I know I know, I said a vile word.  And there may be potty talk in the posts I put up there, just warning you ;-) But aside from just referencing,  rest assure there probably won't be any racy banter here on sew chibi.

With that being said, let's discuss go make shit.  Inflection is important when you say it... It's matter of fact.  Don't worry about fitting into a certain style or worry if so and so are going to like or anybody for that matter.  Just do what makes you feel all warm and fuzzy and proud and complete...  Just do.  I had a dance teacher when I was younger and she introduced me to the idea of thinking big and making big mistakes.  It's always sort of stuck with me.  For all those reasons, I am incredibly proud to be a part of the team of contributors.  Seriously, here's the line up of contributors:

Rachael and Jill (the founders), me, Max, Thomas, Allegory, Cassie, Lisa, and Kelley. How amazing is that list?!  I feel like a pretty lucky girl to be in it!

The first task at hand was to make the newest pattern by April Rhodes Designs, The Staple Dress. I received this pattern as a gift from Rachael of Imaginegnats. I love it!!!  For being someone that just doesn't get all girly herself (except on holiday) it's a pretty versatile and awesome dress that I will most likely make again and again.

You might have noticed that I had changed my blog background to blue.  April is Light It Up Blue month, which is a worldwide event that brings awareness to Autism.   As I've mentioned before, my eldest daughter, Azriella, is autistic.  She was diagnosed when she was 3 years old.  There is a wide variety of types of autism and levels and it is all measured on what's called the Childhood Autism Rating Scale, or C.A.R.S. spectrum for short.  For me, it was difficult to realize that she had autism because she was always so affectionate with my husband and myself.  But when you thought about it, that was really it.  She didn't really feel it necessary to talk (first of all).  If she wanted something she would get it herself, and if we paused and tried to tell her what it was and attempt to teach her how to say it, she would immediately throw a tantrum.  And she was known to throw some tantrums.  Some that lasted an hour non-stop or more.  Secondly, she didn't care to socialize with other people at all, which being introverted ourselves, never phased my husband or me.  There were several other things that she did that we also didn't completely noticed to be unusual.  And when we talked to most others about the diagnosis they all said they didn't believe it.  Media doesn't really show the full spectrum of autism, plus with the C.A.R.S. test only being around for the last twenty years, there wasn't a clear enough way to test it before that.  There has been so much speculation (some of it completely delusional) as to what causes it in the first place and finding answers is what Light It Up Blue and other awareness groups strive to find those answers.  There is no cure for autism.  But there are incredible teachers in the world that help millions of children just like my Azy flourish and blossom and realize hope and understanding.  Since she was two, Azriella had a special instructor come to the house which didn't do much to help her.  But when she started a school that was special for children with communication delays, and later instructors that specialize in autism, she really came out of her shell.  She really responds to being around other children her own age and it's helped her immensely.  Now that we are in Portland she, goes to a school that is even more autism oriented and she's a very social girl.  She's moved down the spectrum from a 37 (out of 60) to about a 33 which we are very proud of.  We love her more than even know how to finish this sentence!  And with that, spread the awareness too and read up about it!!!!  

And with all that being said I need to get back to blogging my secret sew off entry before I have to go to work today!  So there's that! Pretty much ran the gamut of topics there, right?!  You'll see more of me soon!!! 

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