The Sew Off Challenge one: kids week.

Hi there!!!  Welcome to Sew Chibi!!!  Take a look around and let me know what you think!  First of all, a lot of you are coming over from {affiliate linkthe sew off competition so let's chat a bit about my outfit for kids week, Neon Wonderland.

When I first found out I was a contestant, it was Saturday night, and I didn't have anything planned!  Yikes!  But I quickly drafted some sketches and here's what I came up with:

So basically, every bit of this seven piece outfit was made by me!  (Heck even that banner in the background I made for Azy's 5th Rainbow Dash Party!)  Alright, let's get started! In the words of D.J. Lance, "A break it DOWN!!" 

First off I knew I needed to make two things I've wanted to do, like yesterday ;-) Those being bloomers, and something with a lace overlay.

And then five seconds later I'm all, "I need to make a tiny envelope clutch bracelet!!!!"  I knew there'd be some way to resize that bad boy and OMG look at it!  Just LOOK AT IT!!!!  My heart is all a flutter over it!!  The pattern is soooooooo itty bity next to the original!

I made a medium one that I saved, but it was too big for a bracelet!  

So I craft fused two pieces to make a strap and then set some Babyville snaps in.  I love using those snas for clothes!

The shirt was something that was quick and very pleasing.  Trying to find the right color to go underneath my stash of pink stretch lace was a bit of a head scratcher.  I couldn't be happier with any other color than this orange fabric from my oldies stash! To liven it up I added a cute patch pocket to, I don't know, make it a Kat shirt hahahah.

I had a bit leftover ribbing that I stitched together for the neckline, so I made a cute wrist-cuff!

The headband was super quick and fun: I took blue 1" elastic and some bias strips, and stretched the elastic while I sewed and it ruffled those bad boys up really nice!!!!  Sew the ends together and bam!  5 mins headband!

Bloomers. I am addicted to bloomers for my girls lately.  

So how to mix it up.... Well, for starters, I nixed the buckles and widened the straps.  

And of course I made my own buttons but this time, I finished them with a glittery gloss!  Looks like candy!  Then I thought of a little aqua cloud pocket with a funky shape, contrary to the normal clouds since clouds are all unique!

The last special detail about the bloomers is my proudest:  A hidden inset pocket.  Nothing in it- you don't know it's there.  But then it's all "Oh, what was that? You didn't know I exist? Well, Hmm, well,now yes I believe I do exist!  Rather fancy of me, don't you think!?" (Ummm, to get that, you should try re-reading it with a Brittish accent, preferrably with Russel Brand's voice).  I had to set that pocket in between the two layers of the waistband.

And I had made a special pair of shoes, but I'm saving them for something else.... You'll see.  But what really set this outfit off, were these ballet flats I made two weeks ago.

The last element was really the last element ... like, the girl was in school and I was planning to take pics when she got home. But the outfit needed one more thing, in my opinion.

 So these leggings...:

I heart these sooooo much and they took: 1 hour!!!  I just traced around a pair of leggings, then I made two triangle stamps on eraser heads of some pencils... Actually I made four since the first two broke off after stamping the first leg.  But I just stamped in black and red and let them set for a little bit and then heat set and sew!  Those hems are perfect too!!  I learned a little awesome cheat from the fabulous Rachael about using seam binding for the hem! 

Then stitch on top.  A breeze. Seriously.

She's worn them the last two days.

All this came together in 3days, really. (I didn't do squat on Easter ;-)

our supporting cast. And this is what she was drawing during the shoot... it's Pikachui!

So, yeah!  What do you think?  Like it?!!!!!  If so, go back and vote for #5 NEON WONDERLAND (and perhaps my bestie, #10 Max too or you know, just go on over and vote for your favorite, whoever it is!  I've peeked over and man o man I am smitten with a couple of those!!!!!

Till next time!

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