R.I.P. Sew Off, Reflections, and Geisha Pimpin'

as in the words of my little talker: "OH NO! WHAT DID YOU DO!!!!?"

What did I do?

Well, here's the real skinny:

My partner in crime suggested that I enter this contest.  And so I did.  I completely forgot about it until Ari said she got an email (and later me too) about getting in!  Yikes.  Totally unexpected.

I made a quick sketch of what I wanted to do and picked the colors later.  

I fully stand by my outfit.  

I absolutely adore it.  

And what makes me giggle is that I got second to last with it!  I really had hoped (after seeing the results that is) that I would have gotten last place probably because there's honor in that I feel. hahaahah... so.

And now for some epiphanies: some for you and some for me:

  • I will never be mainstream.  Or normal.  I have always been a bit of a freak, and I love it.  I will almost always have some crazy colored hair and throw-back eyeshadow. I just can't imagine being any other way.  I find serenity in discordant colors, styles from hipster to full blown Lolita, making every aspect of an outfit from the buttons to the shoes and I will always take an idea an mess with it a little.  Bloomers can NOT just be bloomers... there has to be some surprises or left hand turns.  An apron can't just be an apron... it needs to be unexpected.  The second you see me doing just a simple pattern, there can be only two reasons: 1.) I've officially lost it. 2.) I'm bringing "simple" back.  
  • I may be wrong, but I truly believe that a lot people aren't ready for girls clothes to look the way that I make them.  And that's fine.  I have the best fans, and the people that love my outfits love them with their whole heart.  

An outfit is not just an outfit for me.  

 It is a work of art. 

I can't just make something that isn't going to invoke a reaction.  I welcome all good and bad ones, too!

It makes you, even if you don't believe it, start to accept a different perspective.  And that rocks!  

  • I want my kids to enjoy wearing the things I make.  I want them to be proud that their mamma makes their clothes.  I think one of the most important things about actually making clothes for our children is that they be unique!  Not just unique because we make them, but actually unique.  Make things that don't look like they come from a box store!  If you can't tell the difference between those two then where is your voice in this sewing world?  I don't mean that things should be abstract like mine.  Not at all.  There are a lot of bloggers that make very beautiful things that are totally different aesthetics than mine that I wholeheartedly respect for their individuality.
  • I'm not a phony.  I'm a realist and I am a horrible liar.   Which in turn means I am a very honest person.  I hate two-face-ness, insincere compliments, and being "cliquey".  I just don't mind being the kid that eats their lunch by themselves.  I'm a very introverted person unless I see that you are worthy of learning things about me.  Then watch out!  My life is an open book.  I am a whole person.  I love with my whole heart and genuinely stand behind my beliefs and loves. 
  • I'm done with contests. Not out of bitterness.  Nope, it's for many reasons: 
  1. First is because I don't want to make things I don't want to make.  I had this realization while I was making this bitchin' Poang cover below for the Home Dec challenge of the Sew Off.  It's adorable, practical, useful, and a little weird.  Just like me ;-) Well, minus the practical part. And I abhor making home decorating projects.  I really don't like making much else besides clothes for my girls, actually.
  2. I don't think that middle America will vote for Sew Chibi.  I'm against the grain.  And I absolutely refuse to alter my aesthetic to appeal for the masses.  It's called artist integrity, folks.  And I wouldn't be an honest person if I didn't stick to my guns.
  3. I am done being a whore for votes.  I've done it so many times and it makes me feel gross... like I need a shower after I go blast VOTE FOR SEW CHIBI all over Facebook and Instagram.  I just am tired of being so dirty which is probably why I didn't get many votes.  I did one IG and one Facebook post unlike other times where I peppered the crap out of my family and friends to vote for me and tell their friends.  [shakes head in shame].  I am done with that.  
  4. I am a very competitive person.  And I take things too serious. It comes with that whole "love with your whole heart" thing.  Enough said.
  • Sometimes, I'm a hypocrite. I fully reserve the right to revoke my last epiphany if the right contest comes along.

This is me.  Take it or leave it.  

And with that huge weight off of my chest, let's check out what you didn't win by voting me off, heheheheh ;-)

Before. A gross lame Ikea toddler Poang.

After.  A fully pimped out Ikea Poang Chair cover.

A tailoring shot.  But it's the only full front picture I have!

What's going on here?

Well, We have a cozy black dot minky and geisha girl flannel Poang cover!

  • Saddle pockets
  • Craft fused cup holder
  • foldout fleece andgeisha flannel blanket
  •  cuddle minky fur foot pocket
  • Hidden inseam pocket for love notes on the top part
  • Hidden inseam pocket for hiding their little goodies in the fold out blanket.
  • Moomo, a little moster stuffie for naps in the chair. 

(he got his name from Sephira who mistakes him for Muno from Yo Gabba Gabba)

Moomo says, "HI GUYS!!!"


Close up of the pillow

I did a bad thing by making only one.... Let's just say, there have been fights :-/

Baby demolition in 3...2...1...

Loving the convenient cup holder

Sephira says, "Hi Guys!!!"

What's in this pocket?

Chewing on a balloon stick

Do.  Not.  Touch. My Moomo.

blanket pocket

AHHHHH so cozy!

All folded and tucked away!

 So there you have it.  Finished in one day and one night.  And I can't shake the dang kids out of it!  

And what's even better is that I can get back to the stuff that I really want to sew!

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