Guest Posting at House of Estrela for Refashion July!

Hey guys!!!! I'm guest posting for Refashion July hosted by Magda from House of Estrela!. 

Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links.  And while I did get the pattern for free, all the opinions are completely my own.

Let's see what I whipped up from this ol thing!!!! 

My mom had hopes that I would just wear this sweater.  It was a bit big for me to ever consider wearing it out, so I started thinking of what I could make it into.

Originally I wanted to make it a hoodie but I didn't have the right size zipper nor the proper fabric for a hood.


I made it into a sleeveless tunic for Azriella!!! Only her head didn't fit in it. So I chopped off my original neckline. Enter the {affiliate linkBimaa cowl!  I found a dress that was an ancient sewing fail, and I used it to fashion a cowl.  And wouldn't you know, the piece fit the neckline like a glove!  

After that I figured I needed to do something with the sleeves.

Capri leggings!

I used a self drafted pattern from a pair of slim-fitting leggings.

And super quick, I had a comfy, hip refashioned outfit for Azriella!

She loves it.

She loves it so much that she wore it for the next three days!  She was so sad to take it off!



Thanks so much Magda, for giving me the incentive to make this adorable little outfit for my girl!  I might never have gotten around to it if it weren't for you!

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