ABC QAL, a.k.a, Sew Chibi makes a quilt

It has been a


month so far!!  

Getting things blogged and finishing custom orders on top of family Halloween costume stuff is proving to be a little taxing.

But something I finished a couple of weeks ago was my first quilt!

It's a braille quilt as part of the 

braille quilt-along

 hosted by 

Thomas Knauer Sews.

I don't know if you all follow Thomas but if you don't and you are creative, you really should be.  Hands down one of the most inspiring bloggers to read out there. And he is hilarious. I love the fabrics he designs: full of color, thoughtful, and a little trippy... but not in a hippie sort of way; in an


kind of way.

So all of the fabric patterns in this quilt are his from his "


" line.

I wracked my brain. 

Until that time, I had


made a quilt.  I barely even entertained the idea.  But lately I've been introduced to so many mind blowing quilt(er)s that I jumped at the opportunity when Thomas asked us contributors for Go Make Shit to make a braille quilt.  To say I was intimidated is a gross understatement. 

Sure, sewing liquid... no problem.  Making my first quilt along with


quilters, invoked instant anxiety.  I pinned and IG'd my ass off looking for inspiration.  

I got a lot of help with construction from the lovely Jill of

Made with Moxie

.  It was very much appreciated!!!  Thanks Jill!

 I was so nervous, but I "think" it's relatively feasible.  

So what does my quilt say in braille?

 Well, it's a secret message from Azriella to me about being like a beautiful monster.  I felt that kind of sums up our family:  loving, weird, & awesome.

I get so proud when Azriella uses weird compliments like I do to her.  Frequently I ask her if I could eat her face for dessert because she is so cute, so I am please that I've rubbed off on her!

I actually cut out double the circles because my original intention was to double them up, but I decided I preferred being about to see the fabrics showing through. They were all appliqued on to the squares and the those were appliqued on to the quilt itself.

Upside down for secret strangeness factor.

I added a corner feature with a hidden heart in pinks and white triangles to look like teeth, ahem, monster teeth.

I also used every one of the fabrics in the quilt for the binding.

 It is far from perfect, but hey, so am I.  So in that respect it


perfect... well at least for our little chibi family.

It has a happy home on top of our living room television.  And it makes me so chuffed to look up at it!

 So go on over and check out the fabulousness by the rest of the ABC Quilt alongers!  

 Cassie of 


, Jill of 

Made With Moxie

, Kelley of 

Casa Crafty

, and Rachael of



And Thanks again to


for letting this little quilt rookie play along!

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