Azy's Retrogalactic Soleil Dress + GIVEAWAY

Happy Morning, everyone!

Today I am pleased to be one of the stops on the "Soleil Dress" tour {affiliate link} by Lauren Dahl of Baste + Gather, who happens to know AND teaches an online course on how to completely make and digitize your own PDF patterns from scratch.  Pretty impressive stuff there!!

This pattern is beautifully illustrated and really easy to put together! It comes in sizes 12m - 12, and there's the option for both an open and closed-back.

My little Azriella, in all her chibi-ness, is quite petite for her age.  She's grown remarkably in the last year and her width-wise measurements finally have her in the 3-4T range. hahahaha.  She'll be turning 7 in September!  So what I did was cut the bodice pattern out to a size 4 (based on her chest measurements) and then cut the skirt out to the 6x dimensions since she is just a tad under that in the height range.  

The fit of the bodice hit her right at the waist (which is great considering I thought I might have needed to add a bit of length to the bodice.)

Here's the funny part:  when I was cutting out the pieces of my fabric, I realized that my skirt pieces were going to have to be about 2" shorter in length because I was just shy of that from my fabric!  I refrained from panicking and just went with it, hoping it would work out in the end.

And it did!

The finished dress fits her perfectly (to me, anyways). 

And homegirl needs more summer clothes, especially dresses.  She is sprouting up so fast I can hardly keep up with making her wardrobe!  And those who know me know that I buy about 3% of my kids clothes throughout the year.  The majority of their wearables are hand me downs, or made by mamma, or combination of the two.  Or, they are just plain new things I've made them.  I love having my unique girls in one of a kind garments that mamma made to match their personalities!

This summer dress is soooooo airy and fun!  I require all things to have pockets and was so pleased to not have to draft some in like I always do!  Thanks Lauren!

Speaking of unique things, I named this dress Retrogalactic because I thought it was a clever way to reference the fabric.  I got this fabric from this darling little local vintage fabric shop from my husband and kiddos (who picked it out along with some other things) as my mother's day gift!  We like to set a $10 limit for the holiday so that we really have to get creative with the thoughtfulness of our gifts (me for father's day; him for mother's day).  Last year we started the tradition and I l o v e d it!!  Only, last year I got him a cat from the adoption center so this year I don't know what I am going to do!

But back to the fabric.

It's this vintage, space inspired cotton/poly knit blend that I think is the cat's pajamas when it comes to fabric finds!  So, retrogalactic as born!  Start using it, folks.  Let's make it a thing!

I can not believe my Azriella is going to be a 7 year old in a few months!!  This face still holds soooooo much power over me!  Her eyelashes are so thick and long and full... girlfriend is never going to need mascara.  WHY COULDN'T I HAVE THOSE LASHES?!  And then there's her dimples, dimples for days this girl has!  Sigh!  I just want her to stay little forever, but I have not found a serum to make that happen yet!  So, shy of getting all Fujimoto on her, I am just enjoying watching her flourish and grow and it invokes so many feels in me.  She was a life changer for me and is my best friend.  

I couldn't ask for more in a kid.

Well, before I get completely maple tree on you (get it? sorry; not sorry) I'd like to thank Lauren for having me on her tour!  This dress is going to be getting a LOT of wear this summer!  She absolutely loves it!  Thank you!

If you want to purchase this PDF pattern click on the button below (affiliate link).

Not only does she have this one, but she has editable knit blocks for making your own patterns there too!  Out of this world.  So cool.  She shows you how to adapt them and anything else you please in her Pattern Workshop online class too!  So much to check out there!  So what are you waiting for?  Go pop on over and nab a pattern or two!

Want to see more?  Check out the instagram hashtag:


  And be sure to check out all the other stops on this oh so summery tour! 

Until next time!

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