Union Street Tee Blog Tour for Hey June!

Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links.  And while I did get the pattern for free, all the opinions are completely my own.

What's one thing every girl has, no matter what her tastes, age, size, or appearance: a favorite t-shirt.

Enter the {affiliate linkUnion St. Tee Pattern by Hey June Patterns!


I have had many, many, many favorite t-shirts over the years and I have outgrown far more of them than I care to admit.  My three little chibis sure are cute, but man oh man have they transformed this ol' bag of flesh and bones!  

Some for the good, 

and some for the not so good, but I'm not fool enough to give you too much of a close up on that one!

My favorite tees of the past were very fitted... These days, I need a slightly looser, relaxed fit to cover my muffin top (which I am trying to fix.  help me! I've never exercised before and now I have to start!).  I've been trying to reduce the "excess" by planking and doing other random tummy muscle firming exercise, but it's gonna be a long road ahead.

So, it looks like I'll be cranking out an assembly line of these Union St. Tees.  What's even better about this pattern is that it really flatters all body types!  Svelte to buxom, it looks like a dream on them all. 

These critters are all totally worth the overhaul my body has been through over the past 7 years and I proudly don my stretch marks, only I don't call them that.  I once heard an amazing way a doting husband described them: he called them his wife's tiger stripes because she was the mamma tiger and she earnestly shows her stripes.  So that I am fine with.  Why is there something cuter than calling my new love handles "muffin top"?  Seriously, folks!

Anyways you may think that this is "just a t-shirt pattern" but I guarantee after you sew it you will be singing a different tune.  I mega heart eyes love this pattern.  And while I may not be as cool as this or as badass as this when I dress for myself, I still feel damn pretty in my new Union St. Tee and I can't wait to wear it again! 

Go get your pattern right now!!! {affiliate link}

Thanks so much Adriana for having us on your Tour! 




And why am I bringing that up in this post?  Because I used the Union St. Tee as part of my outfit!  You'll just have to stop by my little blog corner again tomorrow to see for yourself!  It's probably the silliest and at the same time raddest theme we've had yet!  Just you wait, guys!!!!

Until tomorrow!

P.S.) Do you recognize Azriella's tunic in the pictures above?  Not only was it a fluke that she happened to be wearing it, but it also happens to follow the same color scheme!  TOTALLY NOT PART OF THE PLAN, GUYS!!

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