Super belated post: Sephira's 3rd birthday outfit

Hey there all!  I just realized that I never actually posted about Sephira's 3rd Birthday outfit!  The little miss requested that it look like Princess Caterina from Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, one of her two favorite shows!  

I used a couple of patterns from A Sunny Spot Japanese Sewing Pattern Book that I love and played around with the color blocking to be reminiscent of Princess Caterina's outfit. I, of course, made her buttons too and the little kitty ears headband!  Oh and I made her a tail! ^_^

 I took a couple of gratuitous pictures of baby Akira as well, one of which she is holding a Princess Caterina doll!

And yeah, that's that!

In other news, Max and I are taking a little Sew Geeky break till May.  BUT, you will see me contributing to the Sewing Rabbit blog (aka Me Sew Crazy) as part of the 2015 team!  Squee!!!!!

many many smooches,


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