3 Looks for Kids Spring Fashion: Kids Clothes Week 2015

Hello Hello All!!!  I'm always late to the blog party lately, mainly because I just allow my kiddos and our adventures come first.  We're constantly checking off our seasonal bucket list so I blame that for my breaks between posts 😁

Anyways!  I decided on a whim, last minute, to partake in Kids Clothes Week this spring!  I recently flipped out when I found that my favorite sewing book, A Sunny Spot, just put out the newest edition a couple of weeks ago.  I decided to freak out and immediately order it (and another little pattern book) from Amazon Japan. 


Amazon Japan is crazy fast.  Like, I ordered the book on a Tuesday afternoon and it arrived Wednesday morning!  And no I didn't pay some exorbitant amount of money on shipping.  In fact the books themselves were like $10!  That's way better than paying $30 per book and then waiting eagerly for almost two months!  It completely blew my mind!

So I had had had to make something from it immediately.

I made this apron dress pattern because it was Azy's favorite from the book!  It's just soooo pretty, especially in the vintage cross-stitch print cotton from my favorite store, the Knittin' Kitten.  I've been sitting on this fabric (and the shorts fabric) for over a year now, so it felt good to cut into them!

As always, the pattern went together so easily, and once again I learned something new along the way as well.  These books never disappoint, I tell you.  Another day I'll post the pics of the patterns in it for you all to see!

I also made a pair of Bermuda length Hosh shorts (pants pattern by Emmylou Bee Doo) with another vintage gem from the Knittin' Kitten.  I used yet another vintage fabric (gifted to me) in a pink gingham to make the wrong side of the fabric more interesting when you cuffed them.  There's also a drawstring front to make adjusting the fit for Azy easier.

Oh, and you know I had to add in some hidden waistband pockets!  I just got told the business by Sephira today because I didn't make her pockets in her Shirley Temple Kitty Cat Romper.  GAH MOM!

And lastly, I made a simple Celestial Tee (pattern by Figgy's) after seeing Mie from Sewing Like Mad make an irresistible stack of them for her little girls!

And so, yeah!  Now I will spam you with the rest of the pics from the outing that day!  It was so much fun frolicking in the garden with Azriella!!!  

Happy Spring, friends!

Hugs and Stitches,


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