Pattern Release! The Ichigo Bomber Jacket!

I’m always excited about pattern releases, but this one is really special! For the past 4+ months, I’ve been working on my latest Pattern, the Ichigo Bomber Jacket, as part of the very first Project Run & Play Designer Capsule which is a past contestants, pattern designer collaboration along with: Celina of Petit a Petit, Delia of Delia Creates, Jenn of a Jennuine Life, Audrey of Skirt Fixation, Jess of Lil Luxe Collection, Suz of Sewpony, and Bernadette of Duchess and Hare! Our first theme is called Project Farmers’ Market and along with the Ichigo Bomber Jacket there are 9 other patterns plus a ton of freebie patterns (like my freebie, the Mochi Bag PDF Pattern)!

The Farmers’ Market theme was one I really relate to because every Saturday, from April to November, we visit our local Farmer's Market! It's one of our most important traditions and is so important to the healthy lifestyle that we strive for! My girls love to help us pick out what veggies and fruits we should get for the week and they are also fond of collecting the "ground flowers" that fall near the flower stands! From charcuterie to blueberries, to fresh caught fish, we're always looking for any opportunity to support our local Portland vendors!

The Ichigo Bomber Jacket PDF Pattern by Sew Chibi Designs. A lightweight, color blocked, knit coat for all kids: boys and girls, from baby to teen! Perfect for spring! $9 USD

Ichigo Bomber Jacket

• Color-blocked wave effect

• Easy welt pockets

• Fun applique’ back with Hiragana and English lettering

• Chest pocket

• For boys & girls ages 12M- 16Y!

Springtime is a chilly time here, so my girls usually need something besides samples of cocoa to keep warm! For the 🍓Ichigo Bomber Jacket Pattern, I was inspired by fresh fruits and veggies drinks along with Japanese streetwear. The curve of the color-blocking is supposed to be reminiscent of  juice or milk being poured into a glass! The Japanese (or English!) applique' options for the back give a retro look to the traditional bomber jacket. And, of course, it had to have skinny welt pockets that almost look like two straws in a glass!

For my City Beets Ichigo Jackets, I used sweatshirt fleece from Cali Fabrics and Girl Charlee as well as stretch twill from Joann Fabrics for the bottoms.

The girls are wearing the following sizes:

  • Azriella 9/10Y

  • Sephira 7Y

  • Akira 4T

We went to the Portland Farmers’ Market in City Center to take the day outing pictures! It’d been months since our local farmers’ market had been available so they were extra eager to go to one! It had so many different kinds of shops; it was so much fun! …And then, about thirty or so minutes after we got there, Akira took off onto a grassy knoll and slid in the mud! Her outfit was covered in it 😂😭. So our photoshoot was cut short but we managed to get some cute shots first (and the stains all came out in the wash!)

My girls having been wearing their Ichigo Bomber Jackets all the time now, sometimes even sleeping in them because they are so comfy!

Later on, I plan on doing some new options to the Ichigo like a solid version, a lined version, and possibly some alternate applique’ options!

❤ Ichigo Testers ❤

I was super nervous to test the Ichigo because it was my first intermediate pattern and I was worried some elements would be troublesome! Much to my delightful surprise, this fabulous bunch of ladies made flawless jackets and put my mind at ease. They were so helpful and gave criticism in such a gracious manner. I know that things like welt pockets and curvy color-blocking can be tedious, so I made an effort to illustrate and explain those parts as thoroughly as possible. 😊

Some of the features of the pattern include:

  • a “color-your-own-color-blocking” printable as well as a note-taking page

  • clickable support links and table of contents

  • Layered sizing in varying color and dashing for clear and easy printing

  • sizing for kids (boys & girls) ages as little as 12M all the way up to 16Y which could fit some adults! Check this sizing chart for more info!

Fellow Capsule Designers’ Ichigo Bomber Jackets!

One of the fun parts about this pattern collective, was sewing each other’s patterns! I have a whole post planned for tomorrow where I’ll go into detail all of the pieces that I made, but today I want to showcase some of the fabulous Ichigo Bomber Jackets that the others made!!


Jessica from Lil Luxe Collection

Jessica blew me away with this absolutely precious cropped furry version in the happiest colors! Isn’t this the cutest thing!? Now I really want to make a cropped version too!


Celina from Petit a Petit + Family

This Ichigo Bomber that Celina made Mister M is so cool! Everything about her photoshoots are just astoundingly good; you have got to check it out!


Jennifer from a Jennuine Life

How cozy does this version by Jennifer look?! That bright burgundy velour and glittery ribbing is soo dreamy too! I would live in this if it were mine!


Delia from Delia Creates

This outfit by Delia seriously melts by heart! She chose to color-block using the same fabric but hand-painted the pattern on top! And how absolutely perfect is that strawberry coin purse too!? (P.S.) You can make the coin purse too with Delia’s free pattern!

Wrapping up on the Ichigo, I wanted to share some of our late night, outdoor shopping around Portland! We had originally intended to do a photoshoot at the Night Market but it skipped the week I needed to take pictures! We didn’t let our devastation get the best of us, so we scouted out this precious, late night cart pod nearby instead! The lighting was warm and inviting and it gave me a chance to try out night-shooting. I embraced the soft focus, the fire-lit nightscape, the magical bokeh it created!

There was so much to cover for this collection that I split it all up into three posts! Check out the other two below!

✨FREE PATTERN: the Mochi Bag!✨

In addition to the regular patterns, each of us also made a freebie too! I made this trendy chest (or hip!) accessory called the Mochi Bag and it’s great for all kids and genders too! Sign up to my newsletter and grab a copy of the adult version for yourself!! Click on the image below to learn all about the Mochi Bag plus a bonus freebie as well! 😱

In this post, I go into depth about the other pieces I made from the various patterns in the pattern capsule! Click on the image below to find out all about it!

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