Meet the Pudding Pants!

Comfort and Fashion for the WIN!

Tired of making the same old leggings pattern? Wishing they had pockets, more details, or just cooler? Perhaps you just can't sew anything for your boy because there aren't a lot of boys patterns out there?! Or maybe the worst happened: you past the last size in the pattern 😭. I get so sad to give up a good pattern due to lack of larger sizing! I decided to do something about it! I sat down and drafted a relaxed fit pant to solution to all of the criteria above... oh and did I mention they're the comfiest pants too?! Let's refresh your routine! Stop pressing the "refresh" button on your pants making game and get into Pudding Pants!

After I drafted the Natsu shorties, I sat back in my chair and thought. With the Umaru Shirt having three sleeve options, the Natsu shorties being a summery pattern, and the Baka being a cozy up pattern, it seemed like the collection needed pants. But leggings have been done many times and really quite well too, so I thought I'd go a different direction.

I wanted a slightly looser fit but they must also have pockets. It's not so common to see pants have front pockets that aren't inset or set into side seams. I went bold and slashed my pattern in half and fiddled with the how the seam allowances should be in order to lay perfectly flush. 😍 The finished look made me soooo happy!!! Then more thoughts rolled in: there should be different hem finishes, options for those who don't want pockets, and ooooh! wouldn't pintucks look so sharp!? They quickly became the second star in the Umaru collection in my eyes! I think I could make a dozen of the Pudding Pants and still be excited to sew more! My girls were swooning over how comfy they were!

Want Pockets and a solid look?

Use the Contrast Pudding Pants and just cut all the pieces from the same fabric!

It dawned on me when I was making my first round of muslins, that it would be a good idea to show that the Pudding Pants can be made with pockets and a single fabric! But make sure you don't make them from the non-contrast (solid) version since pockets can only be set in the contrast version! 😉

I had the friendliest and most helpful testers throughout the Umaru Collection testing! I felt so lucky to have them all! I had some people sew one item, some tested couple of them and 2 people even tested the whole thing! Getting a good look at everyone's items, I was able to achieve exactly the look that I was going for! 

My Pudding Pants testers were not only super dedicated but also did such an excellent job with all of their pants!!! They're soo good!!! 

My Pudding Pants Testers were: Magda (House of Estrela), Nurul (Luvly Bums), Melissa (Rebel and Malice),  Kat (the Perpetual Stitch), and Laurie (The Bear and Pea Atelier).

The Pudding Pants, as well as the rest of the collection, will be on sale for 15% OFF until Monday 4/22/18 11:59 PM! 

The name "Pudding" Pants is secretly an Asian idol fangirl moment for me! Hey, if there's one thing you should know about me it's that I'm a geek through and though! 😉 😆

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