Meet Baka the Hooded Blanket!

Baka the Hooded Blanket PDF Pattern by Sew Chibi Designs for toddlers, kids, teens, and some adults!

Meet your new Saturday morning gear!

🐹Baka the Hooded Blanket🐻 is sized 12M-16Y (even some adults!)🐰

Does there really need to be an excuse to add some more cozy to your weekend routine? Baka the Hooded Blanket Pattern came about because, every morning, my girls shuffle out of bed and dart for the sofa to bury themselves inside the nearest blanket... Every time they need to get up, the blanket (sometimes comforter!) goes with them, dragging debris and knocking everything in their path 😥😂. Aside from that, my kids just love cute things, the sillier the better (just like their mom!). So! When I started drafting the Umaru collection, I knew that a hooded blanket was going to be a must! 

This was a tricky one to get drafted! There isn't really anything like it so there's not a whole lot of references on how to make a hooded blanket of this shape! Of all four patterns, this was the one that had me really scratching my head! But once I made a few pre-drafts, and worked out the kinks, I was giddy, oh so giddy, with the result! It's a hit with the girls! They were clamoring to be able to wear theirs!

Here's a close-up of the hamster face from the template of facial features! I chose to use iron-on transfer paper for the faces on their blankets. The ears I used are part of the two bonus add-on patterns that is an exclusive freebie for subscribers of my newsletter!

Here's a good shot of the layers of the blanket. The lining is the same as the fleece so it makes the blanket oh, so warm! The other special thing pictured here is one of the cute little video game controller ponytail holders I made as an accessory. Stay tuned! This will be another exclusive free pattern for my newsletter subscribers in the near future!

This girl here loves deer. She picked out (as did her sisters) all of the features on her blanket. The antlers stay up pretty well because of the fusible fleece used. But it does make turning out a little trickier. I used a copper vinyl stretch for her antlers so the interfacing was a must!

To give you an idea of the length of Baka the Hooded Blanket. It's meant to land about 3/4" (2cm) from the floor. Don't worry if you fall between sizes! The trick to the perfect length is to take your height measurement and add or subtract from the pattern pieces somewhere between the closure and the curve of the bottom! 

The shape is meant to be comfy without being cumbersome, it's fully lined so it's super warm too! I wanted a closure that was easy to get on and off but that still makes a fun statement. However, for the littlest ones, I have instructions on how to use velcro instead. We wouldn't want young kiddos falling asleep with button closures like that. 😉 (pictured here is the Baka in size 6Y, no height alterations)

It's so fun to mix and match and pick out all of the features and add-ons! The bunny ears pictured here is (shown here in size 4T with custom height adjustment) the other bonus pattern add-on exclusive. But the great thing about them is they don't have to be bunny ears and bear ears like the pattern says. They could be puppy ears, kitty ears, unicorn ears; let your imagination wonder! 

Baka the Hooded Blanket is a great beginner sewing project! One trick to making sure everything matches up just right is to pin vigilantly. I secretly sometimes skip pinning when I sew, but because of the amount of fabric and the fact that fleece and minky tend to stretch when they are sewn, pinning is an unavoidable task. 😉 (The Baka shown here is a size 8Y for my 10Y with custom height adjustments)

My middle girl was giving modeling tips on how she wanted her Polaroid of her big sister to come out 😂😂

I had the friendliest and most helpful testers throughout the Umaru Collection testing! I felt so lucky to have them all! I had some people sew one item, some tested couple of them and 2 people even tested the whole thing! Getting a good look at everyone's items, I was able to achieve exactly the look that I was going for!   

Here's a collage of my lovely Baka testers!

We all had such a blast taking photos for the photoshoot but it was a really long one. One of my favorite out takes was this one of them "fake sleeping" next to their actually sleeping little sister which quickly turned into a shot of them all flat-out napping. 😂

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