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Hello hello hello again, all!  Time for another PR&P creation post!  This week's challenge is a Movie Theme!  WoW, right?! Oh the possibilities!  Yeah-  Think about it actually... go ahead.  I'll wait. 

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I don't know about you, but in that span of time I either thought of at least a dozen movies... let alone picking only one outfit from those movies!  I liken it to being a kid in a candy store and being told you can only have one thing!  GAHHHHHH!!!!  

My first ideas:

  • Interview with the Vampire (decided the fabrics or undergarment were too hard to procureor make in just one week)

  • Cat in the Hat(ohhh, I really wanted to do Sally's dress, played by Dakota Fanning, but I did purple last week :-(

  • Moulin Rouge (once again, getting the right fabrics within the week was an issue. And I wasn't sure of the reaction I would get since this is a kids theme sew along.)

  • Ponyo(I think I nixed this idea too soon for somehthing else. Was going to do a combination outfit of both Ponyo and her father.)

  • My Neighbor Totoro (in all honesty, I considered this one when my mind was scrambling, but I talked to someone else from the sew along and they said that they might be doing Mei so I didn't want to be a copycat :-)

  • Series of Unfortunate Events(this was our original idea actually. I am enamored with steampunk and I was planning on doing a Violet Beauregard ensemble but I thought that it wasn't the right age for Azriella. And I would have to procure a LOT of trims and things and it would more $$$ than I was willing to spend)

  • Marie Antoinette (actually this was the idea I honed in on. I bought some fabric, dyed some fabric, and cut it all up and started sewing. But after a couple if bumps in the road, I decided it was something I was going to finish when I had more than just a week.)

  • the new Muppet Movie(one of my considerations because Mary's outfits are great, but I didn't think it called to me enough.)

  • Romeo + Juliette (*sigh* I feel bad that I didn't do this one when I originally thought of it. Az was excited about the wings that she wears as part of the costume ball dress too, but little miss color greedy me wanted more than just white. Hey, I never said was perfect!)

  • Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland(whelp, this was one of my first ideas too, but I knew someone else would do it and I saw too many recreations on google image search so I opted to just drop the idea altogether.)

Then I looked up Miyazaki on google images again (for the umpteenth million time) and even though I saw it before, that time it clicked! I'd make a bubble skirt for Azriella that made her look like a soot sprite! And as I was browsing "bubble" on Craft Gossip I came across the bubble romper from Sewn with Love and then everything set into place. I decided it was high time Sephira made her PR&P debut so I made her my inspiration! And what with her crawling so proficiently she reminds us of a little dust bunny! And the rest, as they say, was history!

Is it as grandiose as I wanted: no! Not by a long shot! But was it appropriate and was it going to cute? You better believe it! So I tweaked the pattern a bit and I added some ruffles to the side and center seams, and some covered flat buttons and voila! Soot sprite! And since you never see just one soot sprite, I made Sephira some "friends" and a little star candy "snack"! After all, that's what they eat!

 By the way, if you have never seen a Hayao Miyasaki film, do yourself and your kids a favor and buy one. Yes they are about $20 but you can even find some of them at Target! If you are interested here are some definite crowd pleasers:

My Neighbor Totoro

Kiki's Delivery Service

Spirited Away

Ponyo (Miyazaki's rendition of the Little Mermaid)

And for the preteens or more thoughtful audience:

Princess Mononoke

Howl's Moving Castle

Castle in the Sky

and most recently:

The Secret World of Arrietty

From Up on Poppy Hill

When Marnie Was There

There definitely are others but that is a good start into the world if Studio Ghibli! It's like Disney but with a better message than find and marry prince charming lol! Don't get me wrong: I love Disney!! But if you want a visually stunning animated movie with insight into you childhood imagination with lovable characters, give it a try! They are pretty awesome and you will recognize the amazing actors lending they're voice talents!

Well! I bid you thanks for your time reading my little ol' blog post today! And stay tuned for the last week of PR&P next week!

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last but not least:

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