the rainbow dash dress!

Once upon a time, long, long ago (well, maybe it was this past June) a sweet little girl dreamed of the perfect birthday dress.  As she slept, visions of her favorite thing popped into her head: horses.  The horses played and galloped and whinnied and then something magical began to happen.  Those horses began to transform into her favorite show about horses:  My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic.  When she awoke her mother asked her what she wanted her birthday, and the sweet little girl knew exactly what she wanted her dress to look like: "RAINBOW DASH!" she cried out!  It was certain in her mind that she must have a dress that looked just like Rainbow Dash!

So her mother went on a quest (ahem, searched the interwebs) to seek inspiration for her sweet chibi princess. In her travels which were vast with ideas, she was reminded of a dress that had always made her swoon. 

A dress by a seamstress who goes by the name, my sparkle.  

The maiden gave her some notes, helpful tips and encouraging words, and then bid her a fond adieu.  Without haste, mother swooped down upon her drafting table.

"I want wings!"

"Yes, of course, sweetheart."

"I want a rainbow tail. Oh please oh please oh PAAALEEEEZZZZZ!!"

"Yes, of course, sweetheart."

"Oh, thank you mommie!!  Thank you thank you... {insert xxxxxxxxxOOO}"

Deciding on how to make the dress proved a million obstacles, no less.  The first one was a tail.  She had many visions, but the one that seemed to be the perfect fit for our rainbow tail was a cascading rainbow.  She got a little help here and a little help there, but ultimately she had to figure out how to make it look "tail-like" without being un-pretty on her own.

She faced many many challenges and scraped several ideas (and one or four bodices... perhaps cut several, several yards of fabric only to change courses completely), sought out more inspiration and found that here.  In the very end, mother couldn't be more pleased and the sweet little girl beams bright as the sun in her very own, magical dream dress.

The End




Wait- you want to see the dress?  Well, I suppose that could be arranged!

See, the thing about Rainbow Dash is that she sleeps.  A lot.

Does it look like I'm on a cloud? :-)

Wouldn't you want to know how to make ruffles of these on your own? Check out the tutorial here!

I love the drape of the back.  You may think it would fall down (at least I thought it would)  but it stays incredibly in place!  I had a contingency plan for it but, hey, as they say if it ain't broke, am I right?!  I mean, not once in all her running and jump-twirling and generally wily-ness did those shoulders budge!

  Epic win, I'd say!

dedicated to this sweet little disposition

Now back to resting that pretty little head of yours, Rainbow Dash!  

Please stop by tomorrow afternoon, for a Behind the Seams:  Project Rainbow Dash edition for the gruesome tale behind the dress (no pun inten- you know what? Pun most certainly intended!)

Have a Rainbow Dashian day everyone!!  Thanks for stopping by!!!


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