KCWC Spring 2013 Day 7: My Mosaic Circus Monkey


KCWC Spring 2013 Day 7:

My Mosaic Circus Monkey

Patterns used:

Pattern Deviations:

  • Blouse:  Two layers instead of just one
  • Pants:  Harlequin contrast legs and a different spin on the back belt loops to mimic my own fave jeans belt loops which make an "X" cross in the back.  And yes, I made the gold button too.

I love this outfit so much because in a lot of ways it emulates our family style in a nice, casual way:  Comfy and crazy.  I made the pants a few weeks ago but never blogged them.  These pants have been worn and washed many times since then (and is a testament to how well my DIY polymer buttons hold up in the wash).   I am apparently fixated on the Harlequin look.  It just makes such a simple yet bold impression, no?! And I have had this sheer rainbow fabric for a while (even used it once before), but I'm sure you all know how much fun it is to sew with sheers.

Beyond that, you are probably wondering why my hubby is in most of the pictures.  Well, I'm sure you all know this scenario:  Daddy works all week.  On this, his day off and upon waking up and seeing him there, Sephira insisted on his full attention... pretty much the entire morning.  If I were going to get any pictures, it was going to have to be a duo affair.  And since he likes to train our children to be circus folks, they pretty much l. o. v. e. when he does plays with them like this.  Le sigh.  Look how happy she is in these pictures!  They are complete daddy's girls.  And this is, hands down, my favorite photo-shoot of them all so far!

See you Tuesday for the final Day!!!

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