translucent neon wands meets sew chibi. a father daughter tale.

Here's a little tale about the Len Chmiel Art Dress I made for my little Azy.

Once upon a morning, as we sat eating our breakfast, my little Azriella started reading an art magazine.

I moved her to my lap and explained the photos.  As we neared the end, we flipped the page and gazed upon a beautiful picture

She gasped.  

I explained that that was one of my favorite paintings... and that her grandfather painted it.  It was a little hard of a concept for her to process, but she was nonetheless moved.  I had fun trying to explain that her grandfather is an artist.  My favorite one, too.

When we finished that magazine we went on to another, and then another.  And then I thought "Wait. Iknow what will really knock her socks off!!" 

I ran and got my copy of Len Chmiel and Authentic Nature, which is a biiiiiiig book of a lot of my daddy's paintings which came out last year. 

I wish I would have photographed the sparkle in her eyes as she sat gazing at page after page of artwork.  

It was pretty incredible morning.

Shortly after that, I saw an Instagram post that Katy wrote about who's your favorite artist.  I got all kinds of smug and posted about my daddy!  And I had planned on doing a dress as an homage to him.  

Well, holiday after holiday went by and with them the appropriate amount of rigorous sewing.  

One day I bit the bullet, went on to spoonflower and put in an order for a yard of Kona cotton, printed with one of my favorites of my daddy's paintings, Translucent Neon Wands.  

check out his tiny signature in the bottom left corner.  he just etches it in with the back of his brush.  i love it.  it doesn't distract from the painting.  guess that's why i chose a font that can easily be disguised when I want it to be.

Not as brilliant as I might have hoped, but it still produced a pretty chuffed Kat.

Look at how tiny Azriella looks curled up in that book!  

I'm not gonna lie: I felt incredibly paranoid about doing this project!

This is probably why I took my time getting to it!  I agonized over different ideas, making and scrapping ideas and muslins. And to be perfectly honest, I'm not only nervous to reveal my creation but have had legit thoughts that it is absurdly not good enough.  But with the coaxing of some dear friends of mine, I felt reassured in my dress.

This is Sew Chibi Designs doing a Len Chmiel painting.  Gasp!

I can tell you, it was pretty weird, exciting, nerve wracking... {insert a plethora of other emotions} sewing a fabric with my daddy's painting all over it!  I'm getting a little teary eyed typing about it!  

I know I am infinite amounts away from capturing the same image from the skirt in my rendition on the bodice, but I did my best!

I used a pretty blue ombre' thread for the hem and made an unfinished pleated sash.  Oh! 

And my most prideful part: the buttons!!!  EEK!  They came out exactly the way I wanted!

Let it be known: I am not a painter... not even remotely. 

But if you are wondering where I get my wild ideas, it probably is because I come from people who love color.  It would be a miserable life to me if everything were just plain beige.  

I only wish I could see my dad more often.  He is such an inspiration to me. He influences me more than he could ever know and I love him so very much.  Thank you daddy.

The End.

 P.S.)  My favorite part of the book:  His artist Timeline... this:

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