Snuggle Punk! A Hosh Pants refashion!

Hosh Pants.  

Disclaimer:  while I did get both the Doli and the Hosh pants for free, I am 100% honest about my opinions and my love for these patterns!  

An adorable pattern by one of my truly dearest friends, Sarah of Emmy LouBee Clothing. What I absolutely heart about her patterns is that they are modern, simple, thoughtful, ADORABLE, and very customizable.

Oh geez, I am hooked on her patterns anymore... I think I made about a half dozen Doli tanks, two pairs of Hosh pants, and this Bimaa sweater which I am so smitten with I am at a loss for words.

She recently came up with a great idea to do a mini blog tour focusing on refashioning her Hosh pattern.  Challenge accepted!  I had a lot of ideas, but it wasn't until i found a sizable remnant of this sort of Black Milk-like spandex and an ultra mega cozy light-weight, baby pink sweater knit did my vision truly come together.  

I'm not going to deny that the material looks a little racy.  That was the main reason I didn't sew these Hosh pants for Azriella.  But I was so mesmerized by that black fabric there was no question I had to use it for Hosh.

The main feature of the Host pants pattern that sets it apart from other pants patterns is that there aren't any side seams.  This opens up a plethora of options from customizing to busting out that special fabric with the awesome print that you just want to showcase.

I soon thought of something I hadn't done in a while that makes a biiiig impression: diamond tucks. I love the look of diamond tucks! 

In the making of the diamond tucks, I had a dilemma:  should I use black thread or neon thread? Max to the rescue!  Neon!  I thought it would be a nice twist to do two toned look with a magenta thread in the bobbin and neon orange in the needle thread.

In keeping the look tidy and svelte, I took the inseam in quite a bit and added a deep cuff for the leg bottoms.

Oh man.  How much does that sweater make you weak in the knees.  I needed a super comfy snuggly slouchy shirt to contrast the punky pants.  The {affiliate link}  Bimaa pattern of Sarah's... oh man.  I just can't even form the words to express how much I love this pattern.  Check out that cowl!  And Oh! The slouchy Skinny sleeves... be still my heart.  Sephira never wanted to take this outfit off!  That is totally a win in the sewing for toddlers handbook if I ever saw one.  She's worn that shirt for the last few days.  So addicting.  Come fall I am making at least a dozen of those for each of my girls!

What wasn't a win?  That softy stretchy cute headband!  Would you believe I had such an ordeal trying to get her to wear that thing?!

 Lost in her cowl!

And I leave you with a pic of Sephira snuggle her baby pinkie pie.  So cute!

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